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CNP Professional Sports Nutrition

Launching in the UK in 1998, CNP Professional has been at the forefront of sports nutrition innovation for over 20 years, with one clear goal; to provide scientifically developed, premium nutritional supplements, designed with a single goal in mind - optimum performance.

Whether the aim is to build muscle, cut body fat or to develop a more powerful, strong athlete, CNP has the range of workout supplements to help you to achieve your goals. From protein powders to protein bars, pre-workout formulas, intra-workout nutrition and post-workout recovery formulas, all of our products promise high quality ingredients such as creatine and BCAAs to support your diet and fitness goals. We are the premium performance nutrition experts, having supported elite athletes including Dorian Yates, Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton, Tony Bellew and many more. Boost your performance and give your workout a head start with CNP protein shakes and sports supplements to get in the zone to achieve your best results yet.