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CNP supply creatine in both powder and tablet form, making it as convenient as possible for you to reap the benefits of the ingredient that’s essential for all fitness enthusiasts. Pair creatine with amino acids and what do you get? You get a better workout as a result of the creatine, increased number of microtears in the muscle fibres as a result of the improved workout, and improved growth and recovery from the amino acids, which all-in-all results in your fitness goals getting closer and closer after every workout.

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Creatine is one of the most researched sports supplements in the nutrition industry, and the results of this research are fantastic! Creatine improves physical performance by assisting in the synthesis of ATP, a chemical which is crucial for the muscle to contract properly. Therefore, increasing your creatine intake can increase the amount of ATP produced in the body and allow the muscle to contract harder and more frequently.