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Protein is essential in the diet for growth and recovery, and amino acids are the building blocks that make protein. The body requires 20 different amino acids in order to properly function, 11 of these can be synthesised by the body, however, the remaining 9 cannot so must be obtained through diet. That’s where CNP come in. CNP’s amino acid supplements offer high quality ingredients at the correct dosages, making it easier for you to obtain a full amino acid profile and be the best you can be.

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Our amino acid range includes EAA (essential amino acid) blends, BCAA (branch chain amino acid) blends, as well as individual amino acid supplements to further boost your growth and recovery. Amino acids can be used as a recovery supplement so you can ensure you go into every training session feeling refuelled, while supplementing amino acids alongside other ingredients such as creatine will give you the physical performance boost you’ve been waiting for, leaving you ready to dominate.