Protein & Recovery

Protein can be found in everyone’s diet; coming from eggs, meat, fish and nuts, to name just a few sources. Protein is made up of amino acids, which are known to be the foundations of muscle tissue. Protein is one of three essential macro-nutrients, the others being carbohydrates and fats.

Protein is the go to macro-nutrient for those people who are trying to build or maintain muscle mass. Sitting alongside carbohydrates and fats, protein makes up the diet of sports people, athletes and regular gym goers. Whether you are just setting out to add some size, cutting while trying to retain as much muscle as possible, or generally just looking to become more aesthetic, protein will be a critical feature of your diet.

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Protein is made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks for muscle growth. Protein comes in many forms, including whey protein, casein protein whey protein isolate. Combining multiple sources of protein for a longer release of amino acids has been central to the CNP range since 1998; Pro Peptide is a premium grade, high quality protein blend combined with Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes for gut health.

Why use Protein?

During exercise, your body utilises carbohydrates as energy, in the form of glycogen. Supplementing your recovery with a form of carbohydrate, is key to recovery and ongoing performance. As you train, your muscle fibres break down with minute tears, and protein will aid in the repair of these tears, helping muscles to grow over time. An increased protein intake around these times is also key to recovery and ongoing performance.

In order to build muscle, recover better and to develop your physique, the body needs a boost in available sources of protein, which will mainly come from your diet. The go-to protein level for gym goers looking to optimise their performance, recovery and muscle gains is 2g per kg of body weight. To take in that volume of protein, it may be that you will turn to protein supplements and buy protein online, such as protein shakes or protein bars and flapjacks for use after a training session, or even before bed.

CNP Protein

Formulated with over 20 years of expertise, our protein powders are designed to help you recover quickly and repair those muscle fibres to keep you in the gym making gains. Whether you want to make the perfect post-workout protein shake using one of our protein powders, or get your protein on-the-go in a delicious snack in the form of;one of our protein bars, CNP has you covered.

Some of your CNP protein supplement options are;

Pro Whey; a fast acting protein source, designed to be absorbed quickly to help repair muscles.

Pro Recover; a rapidly absorbed carbohydrate plus whey protein in a 2:1 ration for the ultimate post workout recovery drink.

Pro Peptide; a premium grade protein blend using native whey, micellar casein and whey protein with added digestive enzymes and probiotics for gut health.

Pro Flapjack; a convenient, on-the-go option supplying protein in a tasty oat-based bar.

CNP formulas are engineered so support everyone in achieving their goals. Using cutting edge ingredients, at doses that make a difference. CNP are the premium grade performance nutrition experts, using science to bring you protein formulations that stay unrivalled in the market.