Workout Clothing & Accessories

Your gym kit is as important as your nutrition, so to complement our range of protein powders, sports supplements and protein bars, we have designed everything from protein shaker bottles to gym hoodies to keep you in style in the gym, or out on the street. 

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Whether you’re training or taking it easy, get that all important hydration in with our half gallon water bottle to help you keep those water levels high throughout the day. Aiming for optimum hydration is key to driving performance and keeping healthy. Supplement your diet and aid recovery with protein shakes which can be taken on-the-go with our CNP protein shaker bottles for a convenient way to add to your daily nutrition pre or post-workout.

It is not just supporting your workout that is important, try one of our retro hoodies to keep you warm in the winter months, whilst still smashing your performance goals! Represent CNP Professional at your gym with our high quality workout clothing and accessories and feel confident in your training or sports activities