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Athlete Certified


Competing professionally in any sport requires athletes to partake in regular drug tests to screen them for banned substances such as anabolic steroids and non-approved stimulants. However, traces of these banned substances can be found in some readily-available sport supplements without you knowing it. How can you be sure that you’re not jeopardising your future in sport by unwillingly taking banned substances? This is why CNP Professional have introduced our Athlete Certified range of sport supplements and nutrition.

Athlete Certified Supplements

Our range has been Athlete Certified, which means you can be confident products in this category are guaranteed to contain no non-approved substances. These are the same high-quality products that you’ve learned to expect from CNP Professional, but this range receives screening to check for any traces of banned substances. Therefore, you can supplement your diet with our range of whey protein, protein bars, recovery drinks and meal replacement drinks knowing you’re not putting yourself at risk of disqualification.


If you don’t compete professionally, you can take a look at our standard CNP range. Remember, they’re exactly the same products using the same finest ingredients, but haven’t been through the additional screening that our Athlete Certified range does.