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“To win the Tour de France you need a talented athlete, but nutrition is absolutely paramount. In cycling, it plays a major role in performance, contributing a bigger percentage towards success than in any other sport. It’s an area of our performance totally governed by smart products from CNP.” 

Sir Dave Brailsford, Team Principal at Team Sky


“CNP Peptide is a blend of extremely high quality proteins that are essential for adaptation and recovery. It’s so versatile; we use this as our first bottle on the bike and throughout the day as a protein boost and then late at night to help rebuild riders’ muscles so they are better prepared to go again the next day.”

Nigel Mitchell, Head of Nutrition at Team Sky


“CNP Hydro Gels have helped us to two Tour de France victories and countless other wins. Containing a tasty mix of natural fruit juice and coconut water they provide the perfect balance of energy, hydration and natural electrolytes. They are easy on the stomach and can be taken in high volume.”

Nigel Mitchell, Head of Nutrition at Team Sky


"Using CNP has enabled me to train harder - for longer and recover quicker. CNP has contributed to the drastic improvements in my physique.
When using CNP I know that I am using the best quality ingredients available."
Jamie Gray, Bodybuilder


“To be a successful bodybuilder nutrition is the key my food is very important to me but I could never recover or perform so well without CNP PRODUCTS. These supplements are so important to any athlete attaining there goals.”

Pat Warner British Bodybuilding Champion


“Training takes a tole on your body as most days athletes can train from 2-4 hours per day. A reliable and effective supplement is vital for maximum results in training and within competition. CNP has provided this for me for many years, as a 16 x World Karate Champion I feel I owe a lot of my results to CNP products. I wouldn't use anything else!”

Jason Baird, Karate


“Training in wrestling, striking and submission grappling each day always take it out of your body since using the products from Cnp I've been able to replenish well after each session and feel just as good for my second session of the day as I did the first also over the week I'm able to work at a much higher rate than I used to without picking up injuries from lack of good nutrition best supplements on the market bar none.”

Aaron Wilkinson, MMA