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Stuart Hall Bio

Born Year..... 1980

Nationality..... English

Weight..... 56kg

Height..... 5'8”

Twitter..... @stuskithechamp

How You Got Into Your Sport/When did you know you wanted to be a .....

I got into boxing when my father took me down the gym, at the age of nine as I was getting into fights at school.

I took to boxing straight away and love the sport and new that's what I wanted to do. But at the age of 28 I turned professional but meet dreamed of getting where I have.

Benefits of being a..... The benefits of been a professional boxer is a healthy lifestyle and being a role model for other youngsters.

How often you train?..... I train 6 times a week when in training camp but about 3 when just ticking over in-between fights

Part of training you like best or which exercise?.....

I love the strength and conditioning side of being a boxer, love lifting weight my best exercise is the kettle bell run as you get everything with that heart rate strength and endurance

Most common question you get asked.....

Most common question I get asked is about my diet and most people ask if I can do them a diet plan

Hero … My hero has got to be my wife she has done so much to help in my life

What You Love Most About Your Sport.....

I love the healthy lifestyle of been a boxer and I love the feelings you get when walking into the ring makes you feel so alive

General daily diet with CNP Supplements..... My daily diet when in camp is extreme wake up Pro Vital+, Pro Omega+ then breakfast, Pro Slam and Pro Aminos before training, Pro Recover when finished, Pro Fuel and Pro Tect with dinner, then Pro Tect and Pro Bcaa with tea and Pro MR and Pro Omega+ just before bed ( if train 2-3 times a day have more)

Favourite Food..... Chinese :( as only have it as a treat)

Favourite Music..... house music 

What One Piece of Advice Would You Give or Best You've been given..... Best piece of advice I'd give is be dedicated and give a 100% and you will succeed, best advice I've been given is when people are telling you something make sure you listen then you will learn

Most Memorable Moment..... Lifting the IBF world title belt what a night making history best feeling in sport ever!!

But my wedding and the birth of my children is up there as well 

Interests Away From Your Sport..... Golf I love playing and watching golf

Favourite CNP Product & Flavour..... Pro Recovery Strawberry flavour as there's no better feeling than putting that goodness back in after a heavy session