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If your goal is to gain mass, CNP Professional have an extensive range of supplements that you can use alongside your diet to help improve your results. From calorie dense protein powder and protein bars to creatine and amino acid supplements, we have you covered. With our busy lifestyles and heavily inflated food prices it’s not always practical, or affordable, to prepare enough protein-rich and calorie-dense meals each day. Ensuring your body is in a caloric surplus throughout your entire mass gain period is essential in gaining impressive results.


Pro Ultimate Mass, Pro Peptide & Pro Recover


With the convenience of protein powders, vitamin tablets and ready-to-drink recovery supplements, it’s never been easier to keep your mass gain diet and nutrition in check. CNP Professional have produced a range of mass gain products that have been developed to offer you a helping hand to reach your goals. Whether that be through increasing your daily calorie intake, protein intake or amino acid intake; our mass gain supplements work hard to deliver your muscles the nutrients they need to allow them to recover and grow in size and strength.  


Looking to increase your calorie and protein intake on the go? Check out CNP Professional’s full range of protein bars.