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When taking part in sports such as endurance running, cycling or swimming, you put stress on your body and it requires proper nutrition to function effectively. Fueling your sports with food alone is often not enough - leaving your body craving carbohydrates and amino acids whilst becoming dehydrated. Taking supplements to aid your body when it’s put through intense workouts will allow you to perform at your best and minimise your recovery times. CNP Professional have put together a collection of products that are designed to increase your muscle endurance; as well as your overall energy.

Energy Gel, Electrolytes & Pre-Workout Drinks

Your body’s main source of energy comes from carbohydrates - with complex carbohydrates being the most important for athletes. Our bodies break down complex carbohydrates so they can be stored to act as a fuel in our muscles as glycogen. To ensure your body is ready to perform at its best, consuming a carbohydrate source such as our CNP Gel before and during exercise will allow for quick delivery of those essential carbohydrates when needed most.


Without a doubt, the most important part of exercise if ensuring you keep your body properly hydrated. Putting your body through long periods of exercise will mean your body will become dehydrated quickly, so supplementing your water with our CNP Hydro Tabs will help reduce fatigue and give you the boost you need with added caffeine and B vitamins. Of course, you still need to prepare your body for action, so we also produce a range of pre-workout supplements and high protein snack bars for your convenience.