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Rob Frampton


Born Year..... 1973

Nationality..... English

Weight..... 157kg

Height..... 6'1”

Twitter..... @megarobRf

How You Got Into Your Sport/When did you know you wanted to be a .....

I used to watch on TV at 8 Geoff capes Jon Paul and Kaz I was hooked

Benefits of being a..... I love doing sometime I adore and dreamt of as a child

How often you train?..... 4/5 times a week

Part of training you like best or which exercise?.....

I love overhead training log axle but also Deadlift and squats compound lifts rule

Most common question you get asked.....

How much do you eat?

What You Love Most About Your Sport.....

I love the camaraderie it’s a brother hood of strength

General daily diet with CNP Supplements..... My diet is pretty easy lots of meat eggs derived protein veg rice fruit oats and milk along with CNP Pro Mass 4XL, Peptide, BCAA Burst and Pro GFX

Favourite Food..... Christmas dinner

Favourite Music..... In gym heavy metal out of gym.. Classical

What One Piece of Advice Would You Give or Best You've been given..... Whatever you do in life do it to 100% of your ability and enjoy every second

Most Memorable Moment..... Qualifying for 2011 Worlds Strongest Man

Interests Away From Your Sport..... My GF Sarah and I love the cinema, eating out and walks along the beach

My favourite CNP Product

Favourite CNP Product & Flavour..... Pro Mass 4XL and BCAA Burst