Pat Warner


Born: 1967

Nationality:  British

Height:  178cm

Weight: 110kg

Twitter: @pat_pw

Pat Warner grew up playing semi-professional football with Thackley FC and ran track as a 100m sprinter. Pats love of strength training led him into power lifting and then he began body building in 1995 after being inspired by Marvel comics and looking at super heros such as the Increadible Hulk. This interest lead to Pat watching Arnold in 'Pumping Iron' and quickly met some of the worlds best amateur body builders who also lived in Yorkshire. During this period Pat was still playing football and was convinced by his peers to focus on body building for 

just one year, the rest is history...

First Win:  NABBA MR UK 1999

First Event:  Lathans First Timers 1996


Memorable Moment: Winning Britains 2009

My Favourite CNP Product

Chocolate Pro Dessert