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Marina Cornwall

Born Year..1954
Weight.....43kg 7stone
Height.....152 cm
How You Got Into Your Sport/When did you know you wanted to be a .....I have always been sporty all my life from a young age.  When I was at school I ran for our school athletics club and was sports captain too.  I came from a sporty family dad played ice hockey, two brothers played scratch golf, mum was the only one non sporty.   When I left school I continued with my running but I became interested in weights too.  I decided to compete in am event called Ultra Fit X Training competitions. This was 10 disciplines against the clock, which was a mixture of strength, stamina and fitness.  I competed in this for 7 years and loved it.  I won gold, and silver in the team events too.  This then gave me a Idea do how strong I was doe my size so I decided to try and get into LWT television programme of the Gladiators as a contender.  Well I got through the gruelling fitness tests and got down to be placed out of the 700 contenders regionally that applied only to be told I was not aggressive enough.  But whilst training for Gladiators I travelled 20 miles a day to go to a gym which has the equipment I needed for gladiator training ropes, monkeys bars, jetline etc. This was Don Styler's physical training centre a real hardcore gym, as Don was a former Para himself as well as his son and many others.  It was Don that suggested I compete as a BB in his local show.  I said "what me but I am tiny I will never make a BB".  Well I took his advise and I have never looked back.  I won the British 3 times, won overall title, and obtained my Pro Card in 2005. And currently ranked 5th in the World.  I owe a huge thanks to Don!  Then 3 years ago whilst I was working on a stand at the Excel centre in London representing our wonderful CNP Products we happened or be right next door to the Strongman Event And our awesome Rob Frampton!  I have always known and felt strong for my size so I decided to give Powerlifting a go.  Again I have really excelled in this sport this year alone I have won the World,,British and European powerlifting titles and broken 14 British records.  There's no stopping me I have had an unbelievable year and now currently about to compete in the Pro Worlds WNBF bodybuilding in Boston this week. 

Benefits of being a...Pro Bodybuilder and World Powerlifter is as a PT I have the knowledge expertise and discipline to help my clients and other ambitious Bodybuilders/Powerlifters/athletes to follow they dreams and believe in themselves.
How often you train?.....6 days a week
Part of training you like best or which exercise?.....deadlifts! I lift 125kg just under 3 x times my body weight of 42kg .  I love seeing the look on men's facing when they think I won't be able to lift it lol!
Most common question you get asked.....How much can you lift?
What You Love Most About Your Sport....as I compete in two totally different sports there are for and against in both.  I love lifting heavy weights and there is a clear winner, you either lift the weight or you don't. But I hate the horrible singlet it's so ugly and I feminine lol!  The bodybuilding I love the girlie side of it the bikini, jewellery, the glam but I dislike the politics and judging.  You rely on one person's opinion against anothers, and everybody has different opinions  I feel.
General daily diet with CNP Supplements..... Breakfast egg whites with spinach or CNP Porridge oats with water, pro vital supplement.  Mid am either CNP pro peptide or CNP meal replacement or tin tuna with salad depending on my work schedule and time factor.  Lunch would be chicken, or fish/turkey, with quinoa and veg, pro omegas  Mid afternoon will be different from mid am snack or shake something on the go.  Then I would normally train late afternoon and have a protein slam pre workout, BCAAS, and then post workout pro peptide.  Then more clients and evening meal will be the opposite protein to lunch time but I don't normally have rice or quineo here just veg only and sometimes two pieces fish, chicken.
Favourite Food.....ha it's not really food but chocolate!
Favourite Music.....R & B, soul
What One Piece of Advice Would You Give or Best You've been given.....Train hard and always work to be the best in your sport.  Believe in yourself.
Most Memorable Moment.....winning my WNBF Pro card as a Natural Bodybuilder in 2005
Interests Away From Your Sport.....eating out, cinema, dancing, and meeting like minded positive people!

Favourite CNP Product

Favourite CNP Product & Flavour.....CNP Protein slam strawberry and lime!