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Jamie Gray Bio

Born Year..... 19/12/1988

Nationality..... English

Weight..... 85kg Off Season - 78kg Competition Weight

Height..... 5'10

Twitter..... @JGray_1

How You Got Into Your Sport/When did you know you wanted to be a .....

From growing up watching the Wrestling from a young age, I’ve always wanted a larger than life physique, seeing the likes of Hulk Hogan and Lex Luger appear somewhat super human in stature I became obsessed with striving to become like my idols. As soon as I was old enough to join my local gym I started creating the physique I have today.

When I had developed enough muscular size I decided I wanted to show all my hard work off, this is when I decided to compete in the UKBFF Men's Physique class, knowing that it was more of a mainstream look and could potentially open up more avenues, I decided to sport my board shorts.

Benefits of being a..... One of the main benefits of being a Men’s Physique competitor I would say is the coverage, whether this is social media or magazines, with Men’s Physique being so popular and marketable, there seems to be a lot more opportunities for athletes like myself to build a career from.

How often you train?..... Generally when competing ill train 7 days a week cardio fasted, with 5 days of weights.
When I’m in offseason, I normally train around 4 times a week weights, adding 20-30 minutes cardio post workout to stay leanish.

Part of training you like best or which exercise?.....

I enjoy the mental battle of exercise in general, whether this is cardio or weights I've always been an "all or nothing" person. Knowing that when I enter the gym I intend to give it my everything and the satisfaction of walking out knowing that you have left no stone unturned is deeply satisfying.

Most common question you get asked.....

Probably the "What’s that you’re eating" question is most common 

Hero..... A few people spring to mind, it may sound strange but I really like Jamie Oliver (yes the chef). I admire his passion for wanting to spread healthy eating, even though he seems to be ignored or not taken seriously, he has never gave up. He has a vision, a goal and a philosophy and for that I take my hat off to him, if we had more celebrities who shared the same passion, we may not be facing an obesity epidemic. 

What You Love Most About Your Sport.....

Bodybuilding itself is a great sport; it’s the only sport where YOU and only YOU determine your results. There is no team, nobody to eat or train for you. It’s completely dependent on how bad you want it. As long as we all have two arms, two legs and a mouth, there is nothing stopping me or you accomplishing our goals.

General daily diet with CNP Supplements..... Meal 1
CNP Pro-Peptide
CNP Pro-Vital


Meal 2

Chicken Breast
Basmati Rice

Meal 3
Turkey Steak/Mince
Basmati Rice
Mixed Peppers


Pre Workout


Post Workout
2 Scoops Pro Recover
1 Scoop Pro-Peptide


Meal 4

Extra Lean Beef Mince

Sweet Potato

Meal 5


Favourite Food..... It’s well known that I’m partial to a packet of biscuits now and then (Maryland Cookies to be precise)

Favourite Music..... Anything that has feeling/meaning, I cannot stand generic computer generated noise!

What One Piece of Advice Would You Give or Best You've been given..... Enjoy your training, at the end of the day if you are punishing your body day in day and not enjoying it.........Don’t do it!

Most Memorable Moment..... Winning UKBFF North West Championships, I gave my everything for that show and came out on top.

Interests Away From Your Sport..... I’m still a big kid, I still like to watch wrestling, l love super hero movies, believe it or not I absolutely love spending time baking cakes with my partner, it’s a shame I can’t have them when I’m dieting!

Favourite CNP Product & Flavour..... I absolutely love CNP Pro-Peptide on the rocks!.......Any flavour!