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Helen Wyman Bio

Born Year.....4th march 1981





How You Got Into Your Sport/When did you know you wanted to be a .....I rode a bike from long before I can remember; my family always went on cycling holidays and day trips. When I was 14years old we were out cycling and met a guy from the local cycling club, Kings Lynn cc. He suggested my brother had a go at racing and as I idolised my brother I had to do it too. I was pretty good so stayed in the sport.

The first time I thought I wanted to be a professional cyclo-cross rider was when I went to my first world cup when I was 18years old. I suddenly appeared in this amazing world with 20,000 spectators squeezed into a small venue cheering so loudly it was deafening. The smells, the atmosphere, the noise, the buzz from just being part of it all was just addictive and there was no way I didn't want to be part of it.

Benefits of being a.....a professional cyclist? It’s a great job. I worked as a physiotherapist for 2 years after qualifying and when you have had a 'real job' cycling just seems like the best job in the world. You are the master of your own destiny and you can make yourself hurt so much to achieve something lasting that to you is your world. It’s a really great feeling.

Other benefits would include, learning about stuff like nutrition, biomechanics, sports science and day time TV on rest days!!!

How often you train?.....I train basically every day with one day off in 2 weeks. I train on the bike and off the bike as my sport involves quite a lot of running, steps, hurdles etc. Plus I do core as every sports person should!

Part of training you like best or which exercise?.....I love days where it hurts so much but after every interval you have improved or achieved the watts you need to or even better beaten that number, although those days are a little less common.

Most common question you get asked.....my name?! ha ha about my sport the most common question is probably how did I get started in cycling.

Hero.....Roger Hammond and Louise Robinson

What You Love Most About Your Sport.....just riding my cross bike, every time it genuinely makes me smile.

General daily diet with CNP Supplements.....I take greens in the morning with breakfast, then pro-hydrate for training followed by pro-recover after heavy training. I also take the fish oil supplement with my vitamins.

Favourite Food.....chocolate, no question

Favourite Music.....my musical tastes have been described as 'non-discriminative'. My iPod contains music from S-club 7 to Eminem, through green day and David Guetta. I love most songs with words!!

What One Piece of Advice Would You Give or Best You've been given.....I was once told that cycling is like an apprenticeship, there are so many variables it takes time to learn everything. But once you have the results will just flow.

Most Memorable Moment.....my bronze medal at the world championships this year.

Interests Away From Your Sport.....travelling, I love visiting new places which is really lucky as a spend most of my year doing that with my sport.

Favourite CNP Product & Flavour.....strawberry pro-recover, absolutely love it, tastes sooooooo good