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We’ve all heard the phrase ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, well if you’re not training hard and consistently then those abs won’t be made at all! Our workout support range at CNP has one main objective – to give you an epic workout every time you train. We offer a range of pre workout supplements to get you physically and mentally ready to train hard, intra workout supplements to ensure your energy levels are high from the moment you start to the moment you finish, and post workout supplements to ensure that once you are finished your body can grow and recover optimally, ready for you to smash it again the next day!

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Creatine, Leucine & Glutamine

Athletes looking to improve their performance in any arena could benefit from adding creatine monohydrate, leucine and glutamine to their training diet. Glutamine and Leucine are both available in their raw format, while our high quality CNP pre-workout supplements contain creatine, with both Pro Pane EVO and Pro Pump EVO delivering the recommended daily dose of this key ingredient.

Buy creatine supplements online from CNP Professional alongside essential leucine and glutamine supplements to enhance your current nutrition and recovery process. 


Pre-workout supplements have become an essential part of training as they carry ingredients that are designed to generate the best workout for your longer-term goals. At CNP we have designed Pro PANE EVO which is a stimulant version of our pre-workout product. For those athletes who are caffeine sensitive, we also stock a pre-workout formula that is designed to enhance the pump you feel from intense exercise. Pro Pump EVO also features trademarked ingredients to make sure that formula is at the cutting edge, providing our customers with unrivalled performance. VASO6 will give help maximise your vasodilation, meaning increased blood flow and oxygen transportation.


To maximise a workout, and to keep good energy levels, you need to be taking on board fast acting carb sources from workout supplements, such as Cyclic Dextrin and rapidly absorbed protein sources such as PeptoPro. These can help your boost recovery time between exercises and sets, to help enhance performance.


Adding in some post-workout supplements to aid your recovery can improve your chances in getting back in the gym as soon as possible. CNP Pro Recover post-workout supplement has been developed specifically for that post-workout window that gives great results for serious trainers and elite athletes alike. Our scientifically designed CNP Professional performance formulas have been created with the power athlete at their core.