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Here at CNP, we make it our mission to try to produce the best whey protein products for our customers to optimise growth, recovery, and performance. With the use of cutting-edge ingredients at dosages that make a difference and our own in-house powder production line, CNP are able to assure premium grade protein powders that anyone who is serious about their fitness should definitely try!

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Protein is essential in the diet, and for an active individual, it is even more important as it heavily contributes to the growth and repair of muscle tissue. Sadly, a high protein intake can be difficult to achieve through whole food sources like meat and fish, so consuming it in powder form in a delicious protein shake is a great method that is preferred by many.

Protein powders are commonly made up of whey protein; a by-product of milk which has a super high protein content – ideal for growth and recovery. CNP protein powders combine this high protein ingredient in various forms each with their own attributes including Native Whey Protein, Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate along with other protein sources such as egg albumen. These are then blended with various tasty flavours to produce protein shakes with great nutritional values and great taste, making them perfect for achieving your macronutrient goals and satisfying sweet cravings.

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