CNP Plant is the true way to reward your body for your lifelong commitment to your fitness values while helping reach your health,

fitness and dietary needs. 

As a brand, at CNP we always want to add value to your lifestyle, improve your health and support your training. With that in mind, we bring you, what we feel is, the most well formulated and great tasting range of plant-based supplements on the market. Designed to suit a variety of lifestyles, CNP Plant caters to everyone who wants to invest in their body and sporting performance with a complete plant-based range. What we offer extends from plant-based pre-workouts and essential amino acids thought to health centred collagen boosters, nutritionally complete protein powders and delicious ready-to-eat options.


We have always been proud of our formulations and the Plant range is no exception. 

Each product has been formulated to have an abundance of health and sporting benefits. Meaning its ideal for those who are looking improve their performance in the gym as much, as well as those simply looking for alternative sources of nutrition to those which come from animal products.


Our products are: