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5 ft 5



Up to 150 lbs

Weight (CONTEST)

132 lbs


About Me

Fitness has always been something I've loved. From a young age I did fitness classes and I started attending a local gym from 18. Due to the media and generally being uneducated with training and nutrition I would eat very little and exercise very often in the hope to gain a toned figure with abs. I would do 1000 sit ups a day as that's what the celebs did right? 

From there I developed an unhealthy relationship with food and training, it became quite obsessive and I became very close to an eating disorder.

After studying my degree in Sports Rehabilitation BScHONS I started to work at Cosgroves Physio where bodybuilding Physio Stuart Cosgrove picked up on my bad diet and training routine and noticed how very thin I was becoming and he completely revamped my diet and training. To me this was scary, I was eating a lot more carbs, training heavy and doing no cardio. This took me a while to get my head round and to also stop myself from running but eventually I saw results and my figure was changing to a more toned shapely figure rather than thin and unhealthy. I soon decided I wanted to compete after looking through the BEEF magazine and seeing girls in there, I wanted to do the same! From there I went on and won my first main competition the NABBA North West Toned Figure 2012. This was huge for me and from there I fell in love with the whole process and wanted to continue to compete. At first I competing consistently and didn't manage to improve my physique due to dieting repeatedly and I didn't manage to place as high as I wanted to. I took a year off in 2013 and worked on improving my physique day in day out and I then went on to win 3 shows in a row in 2014, one of those being the NABBA Universe which I didn't see coming at all!!! From there I have again taken some improvement time off and have now progressed my physique again which now suits the Athletic Class. I recently won the NABBA UK 2016 Athletic Figure which was a major achievement for me as I wasn't sure how I would fit in to this class for the first time. I will now continue to compete in the Athletic category and see how I get on on this years NABBA Britain. Fitness is a lifestyle not just a hobby to me.


Competitive History

Toned figure:

Miss Southport 2012

Miss North West 2012 

Miss England 2014 

Miss Universe 2014

Miss UK 2014

Miss Britain 2015 

Athletic Figure:

Miss UK 2016


Favourite Body Part To Train

Chest and triceps. I love the feeling of training chest and having slight chest definition has always been something I've loved to have for an athletic figure. Triceps is also another favourite as it's a body part which I feel stands out when it's trained well. 


Legs I have a love/hate with. This is obviously a lot more taxing on the body. I love it when they are done and I know I've given it my all, I hate it when I want to cry under the squat rack haha!!

Legs is a body part I'm always working hard on as I was always very slim on my legs and a thigh gap was what I aimed for. Now it's the complete opposite. 


Favourite Workout Plan

4 day split. High intense low volume approach. It's what I've done from the very beginning and it's always worked for me. Consistency is key with this type of training. 

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