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#WorkoutWednesday – Time to sweat!

Make sure you have a towel ready for this one!

This is designed to be a full body workout, used to ramp up your metabolism and burn as many calories as possible in one short session. To maximize the thermogenic and fat burring effects stack with one serving of Pro HyperTherm 15 minutes pre-workout. But be ready for one focused, hardcore session that will leave you dripping with sweat but feeling motivated.

WARM UP – 3 Rounds

Skipping 15 seconds
Windmills (arm circles) 15 seconds
High Knee’s 15 seconds

SWEAT TIME = x 4 rounds

20 squat jumps(holding 10/20kg plate)
30-60 second wall sit
Alternate overhead dumbbell press 20 reps per arm

30 seconds AR (active recovery) for beginners

20 Second row – 100% output
30 seconds bicycle crunches
Front Plank 1 minute


Because of the strong thermogenic effects of Pro HyperTherm you are going to be losing higher than normal amounts of fluid and minerals through perspiration. It is essential you replenish these both during and after the session (you may use your active recovery time to sip fluid). We would recommend mixing 1 Hydro tab with 500ml of cold water and consuming during your session, followed by the same again post workout.

For more Information on Hydration click the image below