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When should I eat protein bars?

If the answer was simple enough and all protein bars were as tasty as the CNP flavours, the answer would be breakfast lunch and dinner, but there is more things to consider.

Protein bars are great for on the go snacking, as a smart choice to curb cravings, to fill a hole in your tummy & get hit of sweetness at the same time. These benefits alongside a great hit of protein, make for a winning formula.

We need protein in our eating habits to help build new muscle tissue, and maintain existing muscles. For this reason they are a great option pre and post workout.

Each person has an amount of protein intake they need relevant to their goals, and for some this can be a challenge. 

Protein bars help to bridge that gap between your body receiving the amount of protein it needs, and missing out on the protein that you need for your goals.

If you are missing out on valuable protein, a protein bar is a quick, easy, tasty and effective way to bump your protein intake up.

Not only do protein bars provide ease and efficiency. They are a great tool to spruce up an existing meal with a bigger hit of protein. 

My favourite example of this is the CNP chocolate brownie protein bar being broken up and spread on top of my porridge oats, making an infamous, boring meal, turn extremely exiting.

I have clients eating protein pancakes with protein bars as their topping, which makes dieting a lot easier.

Try both flavours and tag us in your posts! Maybe you can create a more exiting meal than my porridge!

Author: Danny Hurford