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Welcome Bethany Lord to Team CNP

Hi Everyone!

I am Bethany, 26 and the current NABBA and PCA Athletic Figure champion and new to Team CNP.

As one of the UK’s leading supplement brands, I feel proud to be a part of CNP as a Sponsored Athlete. Furthermore I am looking forward to sharing with you how I use CNP supplements to enhance my training and physique, so stay tuned for future articles, Vlogs and training videos on the CNP YouTube Channel. As a new athlete I wanted to introduce myself properly so I do hope you enjoy reading a little bit more about me below.


What’s my background?

From the age of 2 – 20 years old my passion was dance! I danced in ballet, tap, modern and acrobatics completing all my grades and performing/ competing on stage each year. At the age of 19 I went to the University Of Leicester and in 2014 I graduated with a degree in Physiotherapy BSc as a Physiotherapist- which is currently my full time employment.

From a young age I have been active and always realised that I was much stronger than everyone else. In 2013 I decided to take up Cross Fit and instantly fell in love with lifting heavy weights- the coaches were all shocked at how strong I got in such a short space of time with my squats, deadlifts and Olympic lifts! They told me I could go all the way and shortly after this I was crowned the first female student Cross Fit champion in 2014.


How did I get into bodybuilding?

In addition to this I decided to enter a student bikini competition titled “Mr University” also in 2014. I did an appalling 5 week diet- in which I basically ate chicken and broccoli, losing a huge unhealthy 2 stone! I had no idea what I was doing. Show day came and surprise surprise- I didn’t place. However I absolutely loved it. I reminded me of my dancing days- I was able to get on stage looking glamorous, in heels and a sparkly bikini (In which my mum made for me lol) and although I didn’t understand the sport I knew that this is something I could excel in and it involved both stage presence, lifting heavy weights and I needed a challenge.


What happened in my 1st year in competing?

After travelling in South East Asia for 3 months I decided that I was going to get a coach and compete properly. My very first Coach and good friend was Jason Corrick (former Mr Universe) and in 2015 I competed in Toned Figure at WABBA Hercules Olympia and IBFA British Finals where I placed 3rd in both.  My condition wasn’t good enough as I struggled with my diet due to family bereavements part way through my prep. However for my first year in competing I was very proud, but still I knew I could push myself much harder!


What happened in my 2nd year in competing?

After meeting my partner in 2015 I started training at the notorious Emporium Gym Birmingham in which found my second coach Claire Mckee (former British Champion). My head was completely in it this time and I was hungry for the win in 2016! I won my first PCA show- Saxon Classic in Toned Figure but soon after than my condition lead me to move up a class to Athletic Figure- in which I realised I was more suited to. I went on to win a further 2 shows, an overall, 2nd place in NABBA Britain and I got my first British Title at the PCA British Finals 2016.


What happened in my 3rd year in competing?

So 2017 came and I was hungrier than ever after having an awesome off season with training hard and heavy with my partner. Having automatically qualifying for 2 British Finals, I knew I had to win them both and realised that no way was I going to settle for 2nd place this time! After a gruelling 21 weeks of prep the hard work paid off and I became Miss NABBA Britain Athletic Figure and a PCA 2 x British Champion.


What am I doing currently?

Here I am, 4 months into my off season and I have calculated myself a diet plan which equates to around 2,800 calories of a variety of food (Vlog coming soon) and I train 5 times a week at Emporium Gym. My goals for this off season are to focus on developing my glutes and quads in which I am currently training twice a week. I’d also like to add some width through my lats (although I feel they are one of my strengths).  So far my off season has gone well and I have a healthy balance in both training and also enjoying the things that I couldn’t do in prep like meals out, socialising, flexible eating and holidays!


What are my future plans?

I plan to start my prep in January 2018 to potentially compete in May at Body Power Expo UK in the new PCA category ‘Body Fitness’. My goals for next year are to compete on an international stage and future goals include winning my PRO card.


What are my top 3 CNP products?


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