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Up to 72% off CNP Gels for a limited time only!

That’s right, for a limited time only we have some CNP Endurance gels available at up to 72% off!

Whether you’re pushing hard to get over your summer break, or you simply want to save some money on a product that will give you a serious energy boost, these gels are the perfect solution – and they’ll save you a lot of money, too.

  1. The gels available at 72% off are the CNP Endurance Hydro Gel Max – Blackcurrant flavour – best before 30th September 2015. These are a groundbreaking gel developed in conjunction with Team Sky and British Cycling to give easy to use energy to those who either struggle to consume traditional gels or simply don’t like them. A favourite of many, these gels contain coconut water and natural Guarana – a great combination for hydration and energy before and during exercise.
  2. You’ll also find our CNP Endurance Fruit Juice Gel – Passion Fruit at 71% off – another incredible deal! The same as the previous gels, but a different flavour – you’ll find these won’t be around for long! For a complete nutrition solution, combine these gels with our after exercise protein and recovery products.
  3. Thirdly, you’ll discover our traditional CNP Endurance Gel Max – Rhubarb Crumble flavour at 50% off – yes, another cheap deal that won’t be around for long. Similar to the above gels but without coconut water, these come in at only 45g per serving and should be consumed before and during exercise.
  4. Our final incredible deal of September is the CNP Endurance Gel Max – Toffee Apple flavour at 50% off.

All of the above gels will not be around for long – stock up now and take your training to the next level with the help of CNP and Team Sky.