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Top Tips For Nailing Your Nutrition On The Go

Easy ways to hit your macros on busy days!

When life gets busy, some people forget to eat (that’s what we’ve heard anyway!) That’s unlikely to happen to you. You train hard and carry more muscle mass than the average Joe. Instead, when life gets busy, you just get hungry!

If you want to hit your physique goals, you’ve got to put contingency plans in place for those busy days. It’s no good living off takeout food, or grabbing snacks from the nearest store.

Some smart planning now will give you a go-to strategy for nailing your nutrition on the go – no matter how busy life gets.


Step 1 – Know your numbers

You don’t have to count macros to get leaner, but it helps! Even if all you track is calories and protein, make sure you know your numbers. Then be sure to track your food intake on busy days – otherwise it’s all too easy to hit your calorie ceiling by lunch. You have two options here: track your intake as you go along, or plan out your day’s food the previous evening, then stick to it.


Step 2 – Make it easy to succeed

Busy days can be a nightmare for nutrition. First up, there’s the psychological aspect. You’re stressed, so you want to eat more than usual (or choose foods you know aren’t good for you). And then there’s the logistics. You dob’t have time to cook healthy meals, so you need to grab food on the go. It’s getting easier to make healthy, low fat, high protein choices from shops and coffee shops. But it’s still difficult to ignore the massive range of unhealthy foods. Be smart – make it easier to succeed. Change your travel route so you don’t go past tempting food outlets. If you wind up with time to kill at the train station, don’t hang around outside the coffee outlet. Take your own snacks with you (always have one or two Pro Flapjacks in your bag – just 289 calories per bar, and we think they’re tastier than any flapjack you can buy in a convenience store or cafe!)

Step 3 – Pack a snack

Pro Flapjacks are the go-to choice for guys with a sweet tooth. But what about savoury snacks? Some great savoury snacks for keeping hunger at bay are jerky and biltong, a pot of cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, and cooked chicken strips. Add some chopped veggies for extra fibre and you have a low calorie, high protein savoury snack which will satisfy you far more than that sausage roll which has been calling your name!





Step 4 – Prep your meals

This is an obvious step, but so many guys skip it when life gets busy. The fact is, if you want to stick to your diet then some kind of food prep is a must. Set aside just 30 minutes twice a week to prep and portion out your lunches to take to work or college. Make sure it’s something hearty with ingredients and flavours you’ll actually enjoy. There’s nothing worse than opening up a meal and realising you don’t want to eat it. Your day is already stressful – you don’t need that kind of disappointment! It can also help to prep (or part-prep) your evening meal if you know you’ll get home late and tired. Don’t give your brain any excuse to order take out or nip to the shops…


Step 5 – Beat mid-afternoon cravings

On busy days, your appetite will play tricks on you. Stress and tiredness might make you feel more hungry, as your brain battles with procrastination and emotional eating cues. One way to battle this false kind of hunger is to keep protein intake high. Protein is the most filling macronutrient, with a high TEFF (thermic effect of food). If mid-afternoon cravings hit, don’t give in (you’ve made it this far!) Mix up a serving of Pro Dessert – it takes just 3 minutes to make, and gives you 27g protein per 133 calorie serving. Hunger dealt with, you can get back to your busy day.