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Top Takeaway Points for Training at Home!

Since the gyms are shut, we have been training at home and although our sessions all vary, we all have access to different equipment and different limitations around the space, it has been a great opportunity for us to vary our workouts. Learning how to adapt in these strange times. But what have our biggest takeaway’s been?

Mindset and Adapting

Are you feeling ready for a workout? Spending 5 minutes to yourself before one so you can mentally prepare for the workout can do a lot to promote a successful workout.  

Before anything though, I will plan my workout. I will start by picking my exercises, then the reps and how many sets. Then writing this out on my whiteboard and referring to it as I need to. Training with purpose and structure can go a long way in the success of each workout. But what next?

Dress to impress

Do you get dressed for your workout? Subconsciously many of us have a routine that we would normally execute day in day out. Finish work – head to the gym – get changed – have a pre-workout supplement – then train. Sound familiar?

This was something that would help put you into the mindset of training. Why wouldn’t you be doing this at home? It’s often reiterated to us about the importance of adapting our lives, especially during these times, this is one opportunity we can be doing exactly that.

My recommendation would be, stepping away from the computer. Going to get changed into your workout gear, having your pre-workout (if you prefer to use one), plan your workout, select a playlist, radio station (whatever you prefer) and train!

What should your workout look like?

First and foremost, requiring no equipment, I would encourage that you stretch and warm up. Regardless of the gyms being open or not, going into a workout without spending a few minutes to stretch is not wise. This can underpin the success of your entire workout.

My best advice would be finding workouts you enjoy. What emotion do you feel knowing you will train in a gym again? Excited? If you can get excited about your workouts because you found a routine you enjoy, this is much more likely to motivate you to want to work out.

How many exercises? Well, this depends. How do you want to train? If you are training upper and lower body for example, I would try and find at least 5 exercises.

Depending on how much equipment you have access to, I would encourage a higher rep range. For example, when using resistance bands, I rarely aim for anything below 10 reps. The best tip I can offer here is to take your time with these exercises. Slowing the tempo of each repetition right down is going to make this considerably more challenging and if you used your expansion, the pump will be unbelievable.

If your workout is largely body weight exercises, I would encourage a HIIT format. Most commonly you will pick 3 maybe 4 exercises at a time. Completing 30 seconds on each exercise before resting for a minute and the repeating the format a few times before changing the exercises around. This is just an example of how to structure this workout.

What are you doing outside of your workouts?

It’s not what you do in the gym, but what you do outside of the gym that underpins your success. Heard that line or something similar before, haven’t you? Yeah, me too. But it’s true.

Before each workout I have Ignition and/or Expansion. These products are specifically designed for your pre-workout. To keep it simple, Ignition is an energy boosting product and expansion is a pump focused product. These are successors or the products Pro-Evo and Pro-Pump (for those who remember those awesome products).

Post workout, I regularly use Pro-Peptide, Glutamine and Creatine. Pro peptide offers a huge dose of protein at 45g per serving. Glutamine is a protein synthesizer that assists recovery. I use creatine as this will enhance muscle growth and improve my performance in heavier and high intensity workouts.


Last but by no means last. Resting on a regular basis is absolutely integral to your success too. Please do not think you need to train every single day. This will not help you succeed. If it is either boredom or you are conscious of your mental state, then you do not exercise. I would recommend some steady state cardio such as a long walk or bike ride.

Author: Dan Retter

I hope this has helped in someway and if you require any more explanation, please free to reach out to me on social media formats or email me with your questions –