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The History of The Legendary CNP PRO PEPTIDE

CNP Pro Peptide has been a market leading blend for many years. Athletes see it as a truly functional, high-performance protein blend designed to deliver results. Professional athletes around the globe use Pro Peptide as their go-to protein supplement as it delivers a range of protein sources in a way that the body can really utilise them.

Protein as we all know, helps us maintain and build muscle mass, which is important for athletes of all backgrounds. In Bodybuilding specifically, a high quality protein source is key to achieving success; and having a blend of differing absorption rates makes the Pro Peptide a highly versatile option.



How CNP Pro Peptide Was Developed…

Pro Peptide was developed by Phil Connolly, a good friend of CNP’s founder the legendary Kerry Kayes. Phil Connolly is one of the true pioneers within the Sports Nutrition market with a CV boasting some serious accomplishments.

Phil has over 30 years of experience in the development and application of proteins and holds more than 20 U.S and Worldwide patents. He worked as a Senior Research and Development Scientist for companies such as; Western Dairy Products, New Zealand Dairy Board and became Vice President of the world’s largest wheat processor.

Phil Connolly invented TMP, Milk Protein Isolate for New Zealand, the world’s first Wheat Protein Isolate and maybe most notably developed the markets first Micellar Casein. This amazing bank of knowledge was utilised in the creation of CNP Pro Peptide, making it a truly research driven and scientifically founded formulation.

What Makes Pro Peptide Different?

CNP Pro Peptide is a blend of various protein sources allowing your body to make use of a timed-release delivery.

Protein Blend

Milk protein (Micellar Casein, Whey) (Cultured with Bifidus, Acidophilus and Yoghurt organisms) Peptide Bonded Glutamine Whey Protein Concentrate Whey Protein Isolate Egg Albumen Hydrolysed Whey Protein

The historical development of Pro Peptide made use of Protein derived from skimmed milk powder rather than cheese. This meant that the protein used was not denatured. The only way a whey protein can be truly undenatured is if it is filtered directly from skimmed milk – no chemical changes in between and no heat pasteurisation over 60 degrees C. Pro Peptide was developed with ingredients that meet that criteria.

CNP founder Kerry Kayes explains further…

“While it is true that 99.9% of a whey protein is water soluble, it is a bit more of a stretch to make the claim that a whey protein is 99.9% undenatured Many people confuse water solubility with denaturation qualities. The two are not the same. It is possible that a completely denatured protein will be water soluble, and it is equally possible that a completely undenatured protein would centrifuge out of water. Yet, because some nutrition brands don’t understand this (or believe that their customers don’t have the knowledge), they make a silly claim like, “because our whey protein doesn’t centrifuge out of water, it is undenatured”.

Truly if a whey protein is manufactured from cheese whey – it has been denatured. The manufacture may have removed the denatured parts to leave a water-soluble portion of the total whey protein, but a good portion of that whey protein was denatured and lost in the processing. The only way a whey protein can be truly undenatured is if it is filtered directly from skimmed milk.”

What Else Makes Pro Peptide the Protein of Choice?

Aside from all the science, Pro Peptide has undergone some flavour development to bring the product back to life in this ever-evolving market. Pro Peptide is now available in the following flavours…


Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Banana Choc Mint Choc Caramel Brownie Cherry Bakewell Apple Crumble Mango & Pineapple Jaffa Cake

Many people also have either limited budgets and/or time to research what is best for them. The Pro Peptide provides great versatility, allowing it to be used throughout the day as a way of increasing overall protein intake. It can also be used Post-Workout alongside a fast-acting Carbohydrate, delivering Amino Acids to fatigued muscles and repairing damaged tissue. It can also be used before bedtime, supplying a sustained release of protein to the body through the night where the body recovers to most.


CNP Pro Peptide delivers 45g of high-quality protein per serving, alongside digestive enzymes to improve the digestibility of the protein into the body. Its legendary status has made it the go-to supplement for many high level athletes including a certain Dorian Yates, who claimed it to be “the best protein supplement on the sports nutrition market”.

If that isn’t an excuse to give CNP Pro Peptide a go, we don’t know what is!