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Pro Peptide’s Effect on Performance – With Scientific Evidence

CNP Pro Peptide has long been a favourite among Bodybuilders and Strength Athletes. It delivers a HIGH PROTEIN YIELD (45g), with the support of DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, making it a highly performance-centred formulation. The blend of protein sources give it both a FAST-ACTING and SUSTAINED-RELEASE element that can really benefit overall health and performance.

A study by Kerksick et al, looked at the effects of protein and amino acid supplementation on performance and training adaptations, during a 10 week resistance training plan. Thirty-six males who regularly train in the gym were put through a 4 days-per-week split body part resistance training programme for 10 weeks.



The participants were split into three groups, which were given the following 3 supplements…

Group 1 – Carbohydrate Placebo (48g)

Group 2 – Whey Protein (40g) + Casein (8g)

Group 3 – Whey Protein (40g) + BCAA (3g) + Glutamine (5g)


At Week 0, Week 5, and Week 10, participants were tested for the following…

Fasting Blood Samples (DEXA Scan)

Body Mass (DEXA Scan)

Body Composition (DEXA Scan)

1 Rep Max (1RM) – Bench and Leg press

80% 1RM Maximal Repetitions to Fatigue – Bench Press and Leg Press

30-Second Wingate Anaerobic Capacity Tests



The study gave some interesting results. No changes were displayed for energy intake, training volume, blood parameters or anaerobic capacity. Group 2 (Whey Protein + Casein) Showed the greatest INCREASES IN DEXA LEAN MASS AND FAT-FREE MASS. Significant INCREASES IN 1RM BENCH PRESS AND LEG PRESS were seen after 10 weeks.

So, given these findings, it can be said that any Protein supplementation can be of benefit, however a blended protein including Whey Protein and Casein may well maximise those benefits.

CNP Pro Peptide delivers just that; a blend of WHEY PROTEINS (Hydrolysed, Isolate and Concentrate) and MICELLAR CASEIN. All our formulations at CNP are BASED ON SCIENCE, so you can be confident that they will bring about RESULTS.