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Pro Peptide protein blend

What is Pro Peptide protein blend?

Pro Peptide protein blend is CNP Professional’s flagship protein blend. Pro Peptide delivers 45g of sustained release protein per 65g serving from six advanced protein sources.

Which protein sources are included in Pro Peptide protein blend?

Pro Peptide protein blend contains micellar casein, peptide bonded glutamine, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, egg white protein and hydrolysed whey protein.

What are the advantages of having multiple protein sources in a protein blend?

Each protein source contains varying levels of the essential and non-essential amino acids that are required for muscle growth and repair. By blending multiple protein sources we have ensured that Pro Peptide contains the correct balance of amino acids to maximise muscle growth and repair.

Are there any other advantages to Pro Peptide protein blend?

A second advantage of using a multi-source protein blend, such as Pro Peptide, is that each protein source is digested by the body at a different rate. For example; whey protein is digested quickly by the body and delivered directly to the working muscles, whereas milk protein forms a gel in the stomach and is digested over a number of hours. The result of blending these protein sources is an advance protein formula that drip-feeds the working muscles with amino acids for up to eight hours. This makes Pro Peptide protein blend a better choice than whey protein or milk protein alone.

How can Pro Peptide protein blend benefit my performance?

Protein is essential for the growth, repair and maintenance of muscle cells. For those that train on a regular basis the body’s requirements for protein are increased beyond what can be achieved through eating whole foods alone, therefore a protein supplement is recommended. Pro Peptide protein blend is proven to support the growth and maintenance of muscles and also supports bone health. A diet high in protein will support recovery allowing you to train harder and more regularly, ultimately improving performance.

Who should take Pro Peptide protein blend?

Pro Peptide protein blend is ideal for anyone looking to increase their daily protein intake, and is particularly beneficial for those that train over two hours a week. Regardless of your individual goals, whether they are muscle gain, fat loss or endurance performance, protein is an essential nutrient to support training. With over 70% protein Pro Peptide is also low in fats and carbohydrates making it ideal for those also looking to reduce fat and carbohydrate intake too.

When should I take Pro Peptide protein blend?

Pro Peptide protein blend is ideal immediately after training to support recovery, in between meals as a healthy snack or before bedtime to keep amino acid levels high and support muscle growth and maintenance.

How does Pro Peptide protein blend taste?

Pro Peptide protein blend is available in seven delicious flavours, including our brand new Jaffa Cake, meaning that there’s something for everyone. The combinations of whey and milk proteins deliver a great tasting, smooth and creamy protein shake. Also choose from: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate Mint and Choc Caramel Brownie.