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CNP Pro Cyclic Dextrin – What, How & When to use…

CNP Pro Cyclic Dextrin is a high-quality carbohydrate source, growing in popularity amongst athletes of all backgrounds. It is produced through the breakdown of starch. A unique enzyme is used to form clusters of sugar molecules. Further branching enzymes are then used to form the Cyclic Dextrin into longer chains. It’s these chains which elongate the absorption process within the intestine, making this not only fast-acting, but sustained in its delivery.



Pro Cyclic Dextrin for Pre-Workout…

Many products use simple carbohydrates such as dextrose in Pre-Workout formulas, and recommend them due to their fast-acting nature. The logic for this is correct, you need energy and you need it fast. The issue with this however, is that fast-acting simple carbohydrates do not supply ongoing energy for a sustained period – a bit like a disappointing garden firework.

Pro Cyclic Dextrin still gets absorbed quickly across the intestinal wall, breaking down into Glucose and supplying the muscle. The difference here though, is that Cyclic Dextrin has a chain-like structure. This means that although it absorbs quickly, the uptake is more sustained.

The result of this is that the insulin doesn’t spike as severely, meaning the blood sugar levels do not crash during your session. This ensures that energy levels keep flowing, allowing performance to stay at a high output.


CNP Top Tip: Combine a scoop of CNP Pro Cyclic Dextrin with a serving of CNP Pro Pane to create a highly functional blend of performance centred stimulants and a long-lasting energy source.


Pro Cyclic Dextrin for Intra-Workout…

During your session, it is important to keep inputting energy into your system, especially in long duration or high volume compound sessions. This is where Cyclic Dextrin really does make an impact.

Pro Cyclic Dextrin takes a long time to breakdown the glucose bonds in the intestine, resulting in a rapid but sustained release of glucose into the bloodstream as with the Pre-Workout use. Avoiding insulin spikes and resultant blood sugar crashes making Pro Cyclic Dextrin a perfect intra-workout energy source. These benefits can be harnessed by anyone from Endurance athletes all the way through to Bodybuilders and Strongmen.

Using Pro Cyclic Dextrin during your workouts can also impact your recovery time post-workout. Cyclic Dextrin, as a source of carbohydrate, reduces the depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscle and aids the recovery of normal muscle function too.


CNP Top Tip: Combine a Scoop of CNP Pro Cyclic Dextrin with a serving of CNP Pro BCAA Burst for a refreshing intra-workout drink that provides long-lasting energy alongside the anti-catabolic benefits of BCAAs. This should help facilitate muscle recovery and provide much needed amino acids to the fatigued muscle fibres.


CNP Pro Cyclic Dextrin can be utilised by athletes of any background. The physiological benefits are plain to see, and can bring about an increased level of both performance and recovery. It’s versatility as an ingredient makes it an ideal supplement to have on hand whether you’re bulking up, cutting down or just looking for added energy in your diet.