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What are the post contest blues? The post contest period for many competitors and more commonly female competitors can be a very strange time, particularly for athletes in individual sports which are based on appearance such as bodybuilding and figure/bikini contests. And it is not uncommon to feel down or depressed during the post-competition period.


“But why? Surely you should be riding that wave of being in the best shape of your life!”

Surprisingly maybe to the outsider looking in you would only expect this from someone who did not reach their goals or achieve the placing they were hoping for. However, this is just as common in a competitor that has done exceptional. Sometimes the high of winning can be anticlimactic and not what they had imagined, or the massive high felt reaching their all-time goal followed by a sharp return to normality with no immediate objectives can cause a spiral of emotions and loss of purpose that for some folk can be hard to handle.

It’s very understandable within competition based purely on a desired looks that we will all strive to attain such looks in order to be successful in our competitive career. Although all independently different and individualized in their own right via category and criteria. It is still at the end of the day the most perfect version of ourselves we seek, and all just for 1 day, for 20 minutes on a stage to be critiqued by a panel of experts and compared to our peers side by side. Surely looking your absolute best would be the most amazing feeling ever?? And the answer lies there in the question itself! Looking your best is an amazing feeling, but unfortunately it cannot and does not last. The amount of work put in, and months and months of insanely hard work and eating below maintenance calories is not something that can last forever, not without putting your physical and mental health at risk. To watch a project that you have given every effort of every minute of every day for months on end to vanish in front of your very eyes within just a week or two, coupled with the lack of focus towards a new goal if not forward thinking can and will affect you if you allow it too.

How is best to combat the issue?

Well that is a tough and very personal question, with everyone being so individual. These emotions aren’t felt by every competitor, but for the ones that are my own advice would to be don’t fight it too much! Accept that it is a common part of the process of competing for many people.


Even if no one is talking about it openly believe me it’s happening, and it will pass…… it will always pass!


If you’re having to force yourself to try and keep doing something that you really can’t bare at that point in time then don’t! You have most likely been doing cardio every day, even twice a day and training weights 5-6 days per week so if you’re sick of the sight if the gym walls then have a small break. Take a week or maybe even two off if you feel like it. Keep up some kind if exercise but go out to the beach or for bike rides, spend time with family and catch up on time with loved ones, you know…. all the other important parts of life that you have been missing out on. Then maybe pop back to the gym just 2 or 3 days a week after that time just to pick up some kind of a routine again, which if you are a competitor I’m sure you already appreciate in your life. Then slowly but surely the fire will light back up inside of you and before you know it training will be your passion once again!

But I look like shit now what is the point?

What needs to be accepted is that nobody looks awesome all year round, as much as Instagram may have you believe it they just don’t! To make progress and come back better you are going to have to come away from looking super ripped for a while, the sooner you accept this the better. What you need to keep in mind is that under that ‘fluff’ the harder you are working, the more quality nutrition and supplementation that are used, then the better the project you are working on will look the next time you have the opportunity to reveal it!!!

Bottom line…..

You are not alone, there are a lot of competitors that go through this, some more than others. It’s perfectly natural so just chill, take your time and let it pass. I hope this reaches at least one person that can take something helpful from it and can assist them in their journey.

Mr Universe (Nabba Pro) Dan Welburn