Pat Warner on his Debut at the Olympia Amateur in Europe | The Locker Room Pat Warner on his Debut at the Olympia Amateur in Europe – The Locker Room
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Pat Warner on his Debut at the Olympia Amateur in Europe

We caught up with CNP Pro athlete Pat Warner before he headed out to the inaugural Olympia Amateur in Europe in Prague, to find out how his preparations had been going. We found him in upbeat, jovial mood, which is just about how Pat is all the time.

What is a normal day’s food intake for you? Talk us through what you would eat on an average day?

My average day’s food consists of the following:

Meal 1 – Porridge with a CNP Pro Peptide and some fruit

Meal 2 – 200g of chicken, 150g of Sweet potato and 150g of Green Veg

Meal 3 – 200g of Turkey Breast, 150g of Sweet potato and 150g of Green Veg

Meal 4 – 200g Red meat – 150g of Sweet potato and 150g of Green Veg

Meal 5 – 200g Turkey Breast, 150g of Sweet potato and 150g of Green Veg

Meal 6 – Egg White Omelette

Meal 7 – CNP pro Dessert

Meal 8 – Porridge


How does this differ when you are preparing for something like Olympia?

I tend to stick to the same meal plan but will substitute the chicken and red meat for turkey


How long does your competition diet last for?

About 20 weeks.


Take us through an average day’s workout when you are preparing for something like My Olympia?

I tend to do four sessions a week, which will include chest & biceps, shoulders & back, calves & quads. I tend to train the same all year round.


What is the most important part of your training schedule?

Obviously training well is important but I’d say that recovery is the most important part of what I do. If you don’t recover properly, you won’t be able to perform or train to your best, nor will you get the best results from your training. This is the same for all sports, not just bodybuilding.


When it comes to nutrition, how important is it to know your own body and what would be your advice to any fledgling bodybuilders our there?

Knowing your body is the sonly way you can get the best nutritional advice. How can a personal trainer or professional nutritionist tell you what’s best for you without knowing what you’re like? You have to tell them and if they know what they’re talking about then they’ll give you some advice based on that.  I’d advise that you weigh and measure each meal, and record any issues you have along the way and then tell your nutritionist about these so that they can help you adapt your program.


Describe your key CNP PRO products and how they help your preparation for an event like Mr Olympia?

OK so, the CNP Products I take all year round are the Glutamine, and Pro Slam, Pro Omega and the Pro Vitals. These all keep me healthy all year round and protect my immune system. These become more important the closer I get to a competition as I am looking to maintain myself.

The proteins I tend to cycle based on what I’m doing – this will consist of the Pro MR, Pro Peptide and Pro recover. I’ll take the Pro Recover right up until the week before a competition.


What made you choose CNP over other nutritional supplements?

Well, I have been using CNP since I began competing and before I became a CNP athlete. I started using CNP when I saw that Dorian Yates used CNP – at the time he was the best Bodybuilder in the UK and I just thought if it’s good enough for him, then it’s good enough for me! Since I’ve learned about the ingredients and how these affect your body, it’s clear that CNP are the best. I’d recommend that for anyone thinking about taking supplements to really look into the ingredients – you have to know that what you’re putting into your body first and foremost. This is something that parents should be aware of too. Most parents buying supplements for their kids tend to buy the cheapest, which means the lowest quality.


What is the biggest false claim in terms of nutritional advice that you have heard?

Whenever I see the word ‘guaranteed’ anywhere, I get annoyed. If you think that you can take a supplement and be guaranteed that it will have an effect then you are deluded. Supplements are just that – supplements. You have to work hard for them to work. You won’t get anything out if you don’t put anything in. Just putting the word guaranteed on a packet doesn’t mean anything.


Preparing physically is obviously important but what do you do to prepare mentally for an event?

I just try and lead as normal a life as possible. I try and get away from the intensity of thinking about the competition the whole time – it’s all about finding a balance and feeling good about that.


How long have you been competing for?

I’ve been competing seriously since 1998. To get to that level I had to put in 13 or 14 years hard work.


What do competitions mean to you?

Everything. They are the culmination of all the self-discipline you put yourself through.


What do the Arnolds mean to you?

This is the biggest moment of my bodybuilding career so far. It’s the biggest competition I’ve been in and I’m feeling the best I ever have.


What is your favourite thing about competing?

I love the individual part of the competition – that 60 seconds when you are up on that stage on your own. That is when I feel in my element.


You have been competing at the top for nearly 20 years now, what is the secret to maintaining yourself as you have done?

One word. Consistency. If you cannot be consistent then you will never get anywhere. Consistency is self discipline, it is nutrition, it’s training, it is everything,


What would be your one piece of advice for the kids coming through the ranks?

I’d say that it’s important to find people who share your passion. If they share your passion then they will give you good advice. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who are only interested in making money out of you. So – try and learn as much as you can yourself, and seek advice from those who are as passionate as you.