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Welcome Our New Soft Baked Protein Flapjack

Get ready to discover our new rich, soft protein flapjack!

Can a protein flapjack really taste better than a traditional bakery flapjack? We love flapjacks (who doesn’t…) but we’ve never been able to get past the calories, fats, and sugars of the regular kind. Even on a bulking diet, regular flapjacks don’t cut it. But the concept of flapjacks is too good to ignore…

So we set out to develop an authentic flapjack with unreal flavors, an amazing texture, and – best of all – incredible macros.

Our brand new “soft baked” flapjack will make you forget about every other flapjack on the planet. Yes, it really is that good!

We’ve changed the game with the recipe, ingredients, and baking style of these new bars. Unlike our previous flapjacks, these are soft baked in a old fashioned rustic oven in here in the UK. It’s a real bakery experience, just without all the excess ingredients (and calories) you don’t need!


The result? A mouth-wateringly delicious bar which is rich, soft, and unbelievably tasty. There’s something else you might find hard to believe, too: the macros on this bad boy. Coming in at less than 300 calories (for a big 75g bar!), our new Flapjacks give you 18g protein, 38g carbs, and under 7g fats per bar. We only use complete proteins, including a slow acting milk protein (with naturally occurring casein), whey protein concentrate, and a hydrolysed wheat protein, which has naturally occurring glutamine peptides. No collagen, no gelatine, low sugar, low fat.


When & Where To Enjoy Our New Soft Baked Flapjacks

Once you taste our new flapjacks, you might wonder exactly how they taste so incredible. It’s because the ingredients are honestly nutritious, with none of the fake sugars and fillers you can find in high-protein bars. Our new flapjacks taste like the real thing, and that’s because they have a base of quality carbs.

So they are best enjoyed as a solid snack option, as a filler between meals (or a meal replacement), or as a pre or post workout option to boost recovery. They are the ideal option for anyone involved in sport, or who has an active job, or busy day.


4 Delicious Flavours

Our new soft baked flapjacks come in four incredible flavours:

Chocolate – rich and smooth, this classic flavour is always a popular choice

Chocolate Orange – the same smooth chocolate taste, but with a hint of zesty orange (tastes like a famous chocolate orange melted onto a flapjack!)

Lemon Meringue – the citrus tang of lemon surrounds every bit of this one, making it both hearty and refreshing

Cherry Almond – tartness and sweetness from the first bit, these two classic flavours are balanced out by toasted oats

They have to be tasted to be believed! Which flavour will you choose first?