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Optimise Muscle Protein Synthesis With Amino9

If you want to gain new muscle – or even hang on to the muscle you’ve already built – you’ve got to get your net protein balance right and optimise muscle protein synthesis. Sounds complicated, but it’s pretty easy if you use a quality EAA drink. That’s why you can’t cut corners with EAAs and BCAAs. We’ve made our newest EAA drink – Pro EAA Ice – with the help of Amino9™. It’s a trademarked blend of nine essential amino acids, and it will boost your muscle protein synthesis so you can build muscle and strength.


What Is Amino9™?

Amino9™ is an advanced, clinically developed blend of the nine essential amino acids. Its unique formula is trademarked, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you see the Amino9™ name. This blend of amino acids is what the human body needs for the best possibly MPS (muscle protein synthesis).


EAAs for MPS

The EAAs (essential amino acids) in Amino9™ have been shown to give you 50% better MPS (muscle protein synthesis) than BCAAs alone. This might surprise you – after all, most people think of BCAAs as the best muscle-boosting intra workout drink you could buy. Studies show that EAAs – when they’re combined properly – do a much better job.

EAAs contain the three BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) plus six others, which explains why they are so effective at optimising MPS. BCAAs alone have been shown to stimulate 22% more MPS than nothing at all. But the Amino9™ blend of all nine EAAs has a 50% better MPS effect than BCAAs.

What’s more, EAAs have been shown to stimulate as much MPS as whey protein – but of course they are lower calorie and won’t count towards as much of your macros. Great news if you’re dieting, or simply if you want a refreshing intra-workout drink (a whey shake isn’t the best option for during training).

Net Protein Balance

If you want to build muscle, you have to get NPB (net protein balance) right. This means the difference between muscle building (anabolism) and muscle breakdown (catabolism). Amino9™ boosts muscle protein balance by increasing anabolism and limiting your body’s risk of catabolism.



Amino9™ blend is cutting-edge EAA technology. But that’s not the only reason we use it in Pro EAA Ice. It’s also easy to digest, fast acting, and dissolves really well. It’s free from lactose (dairy), and gluten. It has no known allergens. And it’s super low calorie.

Experience Pro EAA Ice to see how Amino9™ blend of EAAs can boost your MPS better than any BCAA option.