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My Brothers 12 Week Transformation – With Zac Fotheringham

It was 12 weeks before the midland UKDBFA qualifier for the finals and my little brother asked if I thought he could get on the stage for the first time!? I told him he had the physique not only to get on stage but also to do really well. The problem is that he’s never really taken the whole lifestyle very serious. He has always been in great shape but never in the condition to step on stage. I told him he would need to learn to train optimally and start controlling his nutritional environment to get stage ready.

I remember us taking his first progress pictures and him telling me “I’m shredded already to be fair Zac’ I told him if he went on stage like that then he would look out of place, that soon sorted his thought process.

Firstly, we needed to set up his nutrition plan. “Do I have to eat all that” was his words when I gave him what we were starting on. So many do not understand that for a physique transformation, nutrition is our strongest weapon. I see many physiques that look like they have simply malnutritioned their way into some form of physique. The aftermath is clear to me, no lines, flat, nothing popping, no hardness. Anyway, moving on, we have the nutrition plan in place now we needed some key supplements to go along side it. I’m a firm believer in a strong nutrition plan can eliminate the need for many supplements and vitamins that are needed. I also believe there are a few supplements that are key whilst being in a calorie deficit which is inevitably what we need to create a fat loss environment. I like to call these ‘the bodybuilding essential stack’ which will help us not only favor in helping us maintain an anabolic state so muscle tissue isn’t compromised and not only that but to aid performance in your workouts.


‘The bodybuilding Essential Stack’

This can be a minefield for most and ill stress a supplement stack works at its best when accompanied by a good nutritional plan. The stack I chose for Bobby…

What we have here will help repair the muscle fiber’s we breakdown during training, help prevent muscle loss when in a calorie deficit and then the Creatine will aid in the ATP-PC SYSTEM (adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and phosphocreatine (PC) in simple terms will be used when lifting at maximum effort. The Zinc complex to aid with a deep sleep for maximizing recovery. The omega 3 is in my opinion the most important when it comes to dietary fats.

Anything else we need can be made up from strong nutritional programming. I have kept it basic and stated when the supplements may best benefit you.

What Bobby did in 12 weeks was pretty dam awesome. Not only did he get up on stage for the first time but also he ended up winning the overall Men’s Physique category. Proud to call this guy a member of #TeamZAC but more so my brother.


I asked Bobby a simple question “How did you find the whole process”?

“I realized after asking Zac to prep me that this wasn’t going to be easy, I needed to change my lifestyle for sure. I always looked up to my big brother and seeing what he does as a coach with others and himself I wanted to be part of it. Many will say I’m just lucky to have Zac as my brother and that I have good genetics. To a degree they’re right but only to a degree. I have always winged it with my training and when it came to nutrition and supplements I’ve never had any idea what to do. Genetics took me to where I was but the knowledge of my brother, a solid nutrition & supplement plan along with a lot of hard work and commitment took me to 1st place and now I can’t wait for the finals. May I add, the Jaffa cake pro peptide is amazing, not only that, it kept my sweet tooth at bay”.


We will let you all know how we get on in the finals and see if we can get him to join other #TeamZAC athlete Dan Park in the worlds championships