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Meal Replacement vs Real Food

Meal Replacement (MRP) Supplements can be extremely helpful when it comes to pursuing your fitness goals. So long as you can understand energy balance, and your given needs to reach your goal, Meal Replacement Supplements can be a cheap, quick and easy way to hit your nutritional targets.

What is Energy Balance?

In basic terms, your energy balance is the amount of energy you put into your body and expend out of your body. Imagine it like your bank balance, money in and money out, but with our bodies it’s energy in and energy out, and the currency is calories.

Calories are simply a unit of energy. 1 kcal is equal to 4.184 kilojoules. The more calories consume, the more energy we’re providing the body. If we don’t utilise said energy, it will be stored as glycogen and fat.

We expend calories day to day without even realising through bodily processes such as metabolising food and breathing, but as well as this, we have energy expenditure that we’re aware of, like physical activity.

If your total energy in, exceeds your total energy out, this means you’re in a calorie surplus and in a position to be storing body fat. If energy in and out is equal, you’ll be maintaining weight. If energy in is less than energy out, you’ll be losing body fat as you body has to tap into stores for energy.

So, now that’s covered, you’ll know that just replacing food with a Meal Replacement Supplement isn’t going to change whether you gain or lose weight, because that is dependent on total energy balance.

What does MRP include?

CNP have two MRP products which are linked below. All of their nutritional information can be found here:



As you can see, these two products contain a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals, as well as having a favourable macro-nutrient balance being low in Fat, moderate in Carbohydrates and high in Protein.

If you struggle with time management due to a hectic lifestyle, and find yourself unable to prep meals, so long as you are aware of your energy balance, you can look to implement MRP to help with this problem. You can do this with the peace of mind that you’re still getting in vital vitamins and minerals either close to or above their Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) in every serving.

Why use MRP?

There are many benefits to using MRP, with the primary one being time efficiency. As mentioned above, those with an extremely busy lifestyle would benefit from having the option of MRP when they need it!

Also, MRP is very cost efficient too! If you were to opt for MRP over a supermarket meal deal every day at work for example, you could be saving yourself up to £430* across the year. As well as this, you’ll likely be in a position where you’re more cautious of what you’re consuming in what quantity and therefore managing your energy balance effectively.

When and How to use MRP?

MRP is effective for whenever you’re struggling for time to prepare food or sit down and have a meal. Simply mix a scoop of Diet MRP or a sachet of Pro MR with water to your desired consistency and you’re good to go!


*Figures based on working 5 days a week for 46 weeks a year. Tesco Meal deal = £3. Diet MRP = £1.11 per serving.

I hope this blog was useful, and remember, energy balance is what’s most important when it comes to manipulating your bodyweight for your fitness goals.

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Author: Finn Kelly

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