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Leg Day Circuit with Randeep Lotay

Leg day! I used to dread leg day, now however it’s now one of my favourite body parts to train! There is no other feeling like it, after a great and gruelling leg session, that sense of achievement you get is like no other body part.

My staple exercise is Squats! You just can’t beat them! I try to go as heavy and hard as my body allows but every few weeks (depending how my legs and lower back feel) I may do a crazy circuit instead. It’s something different, you still go heavy and the intensity is unreal! (The below workout is especially good if there is a group of you training). As soon as one machine is done, straight onto the next…no waiting around!

To start, have a look at what machines you have available. Luckily, we have a great stack of leg equipment at Ultimate Fitness Birmingham so plenty to choose from. After each round, increase the weight on all machines! Workout consists of three rounds of each machine:

Round 1: 15 reps per machine

Round 2: 12 reps per machine (More weight added)

Round 3: 10 eps per machine (More weight added)

Round 4: 8 reps per machine, lower the weight 10 reps, lower the weight 12 reps (Triple Drop Set to finish)

Does not sound all that brutal right? Think again! The lactic acid is unreal, your heart will be beating out of your chest and all in all you will be good for nothing for the rest of the day! Here’s how it looks:


  • Barbell Squats
  • Leg Press
  • V Squat
  • Hack Squat
  • Vertical Leg Press
  • Pendulum Squat
  • Leg Extensions

Try it out and feel free to give me any feedback. Start with something light and keep adding more weight for each machine and round. One word of advice, keep the sick bag nearby!