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Keep Gainin’ when the Heat is Flamin’ this Summer!

Summer appears to finally be upon us, and that means it’s time to get your ‘summer body’ on point! The hot weather is great for stripping fat and cutting down ready for your end goal, whether it be getting on stage, going on holiday or just getting ripped!

However during this hot weather, it is important to keep your body in check, as it will demand more from you than it normally does! What I’m talking about here is Sodium… Athletes of all disciplines need to appreciate that due to the increased heat you will of course produce more sweat. The issue here is that you may become deficient in Sodium within your bloodstream, which can have dramatic effects on both your training and competition.



Diets high in Sodium have often been bad-mouthed due to their links to various ailments, however athletes actually need to increase sodium consumption during hot spells were deficiencies may occur! Sodium is lost through sweat (more so in temperatures like today) so it is important to input adequate Sodium pre, intra and post workout.

Proper Sodium concentrations within the blood are required in order to transmit nerve impulses and to allow muscles to function correctly. It is essential too for muscle growth, as it enhances the storage of Carbohydrate, absorption of Amino Acids and muscle response to Insulin.

Early signs of being deficient in Sodium can be nausea, muscle cramps, and disorientation. Many people in this instance would drink water to combat dehydration; however this may even dilute your system more! In order to remain adequately supplied both with water and sodium it is recommended to supplement around your workouts and eat salt rich foods.

Our CNP Pro Energy provides the essential Electrolytes required to maintain the balance your body needs during a hot training session. It also contains our Tri Carb Blend in order to energise you through your session when the heat is bringing you down. CNP Pro Energy is available now, in two great flavours

Electrolyte Information Mg/Serving
Sodium 160
Potassium 48
Calcium 48
Magnesium 19.2

So don’t let the heat inhibit your gains this summer. Utilise Sodium in order to keep on track and deliver the results you know you can!


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Mark Harrison

MSc Sport & Exercise Science

Head of Product Development

CNP Professional