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Joel Gartland – Competition Prep Supplements Stack

Here you go guys, these are the key supplements I use during prep. Some may come as a surprise, and some will be great additions that you may have overlooked:


Pro Creatine E2 I always get a lot of questions about this one, such as “Won’t creatine make you hold water” and “Aren’t you worried it can make you look bloated and smooth!?”. But here is the reality, yes creatine will make you hold water, but what most don’t know is that this water will be intra-muscular (within the muscle) rather than subcutaneous (under the skin). The result is an even tighter shrink-wrapped effect when flexing. Not only this, but as my calories come down and my work increases closer to show day, it helps keep my lifts up giving my body a reason to hold on to that hard-earnt muscle.

Pro Glutamine – Truly under rated! When it comes to competition prep, or just the final stages of any diet when hitting those low BF% number’s, your immune system undoubtedly takes a big hit. The last thing you want is this having an impact of your health, and glutamine helps support the body’s immune resistance so I take between 10-20g each day.

Pro Pump -It’s all about the Cherryade with this. The reason this one specifically comes in as part of my stack is because it’s a non-stimulant based pre workout formula….. with some awesome PUMP benefits! Some people like to hit the stage wired on pre-workout, but me… if you’ve met me you will know I’m a metabolic monster as it is, so all I want is that crazy pump.

Pro Peptide –Having a high quality, great tasting protein blend I believe is part of my key to success. It’s Pro Peptides blend of proteins which provides a variation of absorption rates for an effective time release delivery system. As a busy PT, quite often when I am between clients and just physically can’t get another meal down in time, this is where for me Pro Peptide is invaluable.

The blend itself is comprised of milk protein (micellar casein, whey), peptide bonded glutamine, native whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, egg albumen and hydrolysed whey protein, basically CNP have all your bases covered!

Pro Fusion Bar – Protein bars when on prep, are you mad?! I use these as soon as I come off stage for the simple’s fact I absolutely love them! That’s if there are any left, my wife and my boys have been know do demolish the odd bar or box.