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Joel Gartland – Backstage Pump-Up Protocol

We all know it… and there is no denying it… the best feeling in the world is… “THE PUMP”! And when you have it you’re always thinking “If I could only look and feel like this all the time!”

Before I go on stage I always make time to get my full pump up routine in, as it is an essential part the end presentation of my physique. The exercises need to be done with an effective level of intensity, to fill the muscles with blood and provide the desired level of vascularity for my class; Men’s Physique. Everyone has their own routine, I like to keep mine simple. I stay away from compound exercises, not because they don’t provide a good pump but because:

  1. This stop’s me from sweating too much, which would lead to my tan running
  2. It gives me a better mind to muscle connection with individual muscles when posing

For this I use a combination of my quarter turns with a resistance band circuit. The circuit is done with a slow tempo, focusing on muscle contraction and time under tension. The circuit is as follows and reps are done, not to failure, but until each muscle group feels full:


1 – Lateral raises

2 – Front raises

3 – Bicep curls

4 – Low row’s

5 – Upright row’s

6 – Press up’s


To support this during the day nutrition-wise, I have already eaten a small amount of turkey and sweet potato, so at this point all I take back stage with me is;

  • 500ml of water
  • 1 x small bar of dark chocolate
  • 1 x serving Pro Pump Cherryade

Now its game time, I am tanned up, in my board shorts, pumped and ready to rock! I sip the Pro Pump slowly as I do the exercises to ensure I am able to maintain my pump on stage for as long as possible. The chocolate is a means to take on simple sugar’s again to add to the pump as well as add vascularity.