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Jeremy Baker Transformation: By Zac Fotheringham


As a coach I am approached regularly by people wanting to improve their nutrition, training and ultimately their physique.  In February Jeremy contacted me enquiring about coaching. As soon as I met this guy I knew I was dealing with someone with some serious drive to want to build a better physique. His background is pretty hectic, a background that told me straight away if this guy wants something he will do whatever is needed to get it.


Jeremy is a recovered alcohol and drug addict. He will often talk about his past because he can now. As crazy as this may sound to you but this was another reason I knew he will be a guy to stick to the plan to the letter. Reason why, he has an addictive personality. Maybe that trait served him negatively in the past but assured him it’s going to be something that drives amazing results now.


So far, we are down nearly 60lbs, that’s since February, crazy right!?! Not only that but as you’ll see, he’s making some awesome gains and his physique is really taking shape. All done with a super busy lifestyle running multiple business and being a devoted father. We cycle through a Y3T Training protocol which is yielding some amazing strength gains as well as dramatic improvements in body composition.


When it comes to nutrition and supplementation below is the current plan Jeremy is working from. Which is both fuelling his workouts and helping delivery the results you can see in his transformation photos;




30g CNP Pro Cyclic Dextrin

2 CNP Pro GDA Capsules

20g 85% Dark Chocolate



75g Oats

60g CNP Pro Peptide

30g Blueberries



200g 5% Beef Mince

(Baby toms, mushrooms, peppers, peas & turmeric powder in mince)

3g Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (To cook with)

1/2 Pack Tilda Microwavable Wholegrain Rice & Quinoa


Meal 3 (meal replacement shake)

60g CNP Pro Peptide



200g Chicken Breast

1/2 Pack Tilda Microwavable Wholegrain Rice & Quinoa

1 portion greens



200g 0% Greek Yogurt

15g CNP Pro Peptide

20g Flaked Almonds


(The above is supported by various vitamins)


In 6 week’s, he shoots with the notorious Chris Bailey and we are so excited to share with you the shots we get.

As we now move to our last phase we will be using the NEW CNP Pro Hypertherm to keep fat metabolism at its highest as well as provide the much-needed extra focus when training. Stayed tuned for the next update!