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Jamie Gray Guest Blogs for CNP Part 2: Nutrition

In part 2 of a 4 part blog series CNP Athlete and Arnold Classic competitor Jamie Gray gives us a closeup of his preparations for the biggest moment of his career to date…this week: nutrition


With just 3 weeks until the Arnold Classic Europe, I feel mentally and physically drained, however the majority of the hard work is done, so it’s just a case of rolling the sleeves up, sipping a black coffee and taking each day as it comes.

In my second blog for CNP, I’ve decided to write about my specific competition diet. What you eat when you’re in training can be as important as turning up to the gym. Your body needs the fuel to train properly and what you eat can really affect your ability to perform.

My biggest tip around nutrition for anyone getting ready to compete or even just getting into shape, is CONSISTENCY – I cannot stress how important this is.

There seems to be a growing belief that competitors employ a ‘special diet’ or eat ‘secret foods’, however in this blog I will hopefully give you an insight into what I eat on a day to day basis, on the road to the Arnold Classic, and hopefully this will give you a better idea of how to get into contest shape!

I am a big believer in not over-complicating a contest prep diet too much; eating consistently each day enables me to adjust accordingly either by adding or reducing my food – depending on how I look.

As I get closer to competing, I look to take almost all the carbs out of my diet, to try and get rid of that last bit of fat!

I tend to take supplements up until the final week of training. In the last 7 days, I’ll continue to take CNP Pro Glutamine pre post weights and cardio.

Personally, I do have a weekly ‘treat meal’ in order to keep my mental sanity! I know some competitors who don’t believe in “cheating” or a “treat meal” whichever way you view it. However, in terms of maintaining some normality and a healthy mental balance, I personally find it imperative. I allow myself a meal of my choice once a week, normally on a Saturday.

I hope this has given you an idea of what an actual competitors diet looks like when heading into a competition, as you can see there are no super foods or fad diets, literally just good old consistency!

Again thanks for checking back on my progress, 3 weeks and counting!
Keep strong


A typical day’s nutrition:

Pre Fasted Cardio
10g CNP Pro Glutamine

Meal 1 – 8am
200g Extra Lean Mince
300g Broccoli
CNP ProVital
CNP Pro Lean – 2 servings after meal

Meal 2 – 11am
200g Chicken
300g Broccoli
1 Table Spoon Flax Oil

Meal 3 – 2pm (Pre Workout)
200g Chicken
150g Sweet Potato
300g Broccoli
CNP Pro Lean – 2 servings before meal

Meal 4 – 5pm (Post Workout)
1 Scoop CNP Pro Recover
2 Scoops CNP ProPeptide
5g Pro Glutamine

Meal 5 – 7:30pm
220g Turkey Steak
300g Broccoli
Table Spoon Flax Oil

Meal 6 – 10:30 pm (pre bed)
1 Serving CNP ProPeptide
300g Broccoli