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Ingredients Series – All you need to know about Leucine

As the first in a long line of articles covering all the ingredients CNP and sports nutrition have to offer, the branch chain amino acid Leucine has been a popular addition to many athletes supplement stacks and here is why.

What is Leucine?

Leucine is one of the 3 branch chain amino acids (along with IsoLeucine and Valine). These amino acids are proteinogenic and assimilate biosynthetically into protein. Also classified as a Ketogenic amino acid (along with lycine) as it breaks down into a forerunner later converted into ketone bodies (these are water soluble molecules which are produced as a result of the breakdown of fatty acids by the liver as a result of calorie restriction, mainly from carbohydrate).


What does Leucine do?

Leucine is known as the powerhouse of the amino acids when it comes to building muscle. Leucine has the ability to activate mTOR, the protein which is directly responsible for increasing muscle protein synthesis (anabolic signalling). Which can reduce muscle wastage when in a calorific deficit and increase lean muscle mass when in a calorie surplus (when used in conjunction with resistance training). Making it both extremely versatile and effective for those who participate in sport.


When you should I use it?

For best effect 2-5g should be used around training, pre and post-workout. This will ensure both skeletal and blood plasma levels are optimal before training and replenished afterwards, as anaerobic and aerobic exercise both have a negative impact on plasma and skeletal muscle levels.

However, it can also be used with meals during the day to further improve recovery due to more frequent anabolic signalling and skeletal muscle anabolism.

Which CNP Product contain Leucine?