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How to achieve the ULTIMATE PUMP

We have brought you the tools now its time to show you how to use them!

With the release of Pro Pump EVO this week we thought it was only right to launch our best Pump product ever along with just how to stack it to reach new levels of #PUMPED.

Pro Pump EVO itself is designed as fully dosed Pre-Workout formulation, without the use of stimulants! That’s right, all the benefits of improved performance but without the caffeine. Its main benefits are best utilised by taking a serving 30 minutes prior to your session. This gives time for the ingredients to saturate the bloodstream and muscles leaving you primed for one of the most skin tearing workouts you have ever had.

But why stop there…..


Super-charge it with Creatine

A key component of the Carbonic Fizz delivery system within Pro Pump EVO is the Sodium

Bicarbonate. The theory behind Sodium Bicarbonate is that by neutralising the acid (lactic) produced by muscle cells during anaerobic exercise, the pH level of the working muscle will be kept in an optimal range for peak performance longer.

When used in conjunction with Creatine, Peak Power Output has been shown to increase, as has the time that these higher outputs can be sustained for. This elongated power output means you can lift heavier for more reps and finish stronger on any drop set or interval-based training.


Combine with Stimulants

Pro Pump EVO is stimulant-free; however, this doesn’t mean you can’t enhance it further if required!

Combining a serving of Pro Pump EVO with a serving of Pro Pane EVO (did we say Pro Pane EVO…. coming soon, so watch this space!) provides the complementary benefits of both products to make a fully-dosed, hard hitting Pre-Workout.

TRY THIS: One scoop of Cherriade Pro Pump EVO mixed with one scoop of the Pro Pane EVO Cola to create the ultimate Cherry Cola.