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Fountain of Youth- 6 Benefits of Using a Collagen Booster

Collagen is vitally important for a healthy body – and not just for supporting training and fitness goals. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is present in your skin, hair, nails, and connective tissue, playing an important part in healthy ageing and injury prevention too.

However, there’s one big problem with most collagen supplements – they contain animal products, no good if you are vegan or want to pursue a more plant-led nutrition plan. Here’s how to choose a good plant-based collagen supplement, plus the main benefits of taking a plant-based collagen booster.

How to Choose a Vegan Collagen Supplement

Collagen Supplement

CNP Plant Collagen Booster is the first product of its kind on the UK market. It is a vegan collagen booster supplement, which actually supports and maximises your body’s own collagen production, boosting your natural collagen levels. It does this by providing essential amino acids, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to be a collagen-producing powerhouse.

The key Ingredients in CNP Plant Collagen Booster

  • Plant-based protein blend – micronized pea protein and brown rice protein
  • Glycine – the main amino acid in collagen production
  • Lysine – required for collagen production
  • Proline – plays a key role in collagen stability
  • MSM – necessary for collagen production and works in synergy with Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C – interacts with amino acids in collagen cells, adding hydrogen and oxygen so they can strengthen collagen production

Why Take a Collagen Booster?

Collagen boosting supplements could become your daily go-to support for training, recovery, and living well. Here are six reasons to add our new CNP Plant collagen booster into your daily routine.

Benefits of a Collagen Booster Supplement

Recover Stronger

Collagen plays a key role in the strength of connective tissue including ligaments and tendons. If you want to steer clear of sports-related injuries, or simply boost recovery times between training sessions, collagen will help.

Tighter Skin

Who doesn’t want nicer skin? Skin texture can be a particular concern if you’ve lost weight, or if you’re a competitor. But even if neither of those things apply to you, tighter smoother skin will sound appealing. Collagen is a key component of your skin, helping strengthen it and possibly helping it stay more elastic too. Collagen booster supplements are thought to stimulate your body’s production of other key proteins, like elastin and fibrillin as well.

Ease Joint Pain

Painful joints can make life a misery and not just during training. Achy knees, toes, wrists (and everything else!) can even make simple everyday tasks more painful. Collagen can help maintain the cartilage which protects your joints. This is particularly important as you get older, because loss of collagen can put you at greater risk of osteoarthritis. Taking a collagen booster may strengthen cartilage and reduce inflammation, leading to less joint pain in and out of the gym.

Bone Density

Another pressing concern as we age is loss of bone tissue, which can lead to osteoporosis. Strong bones mean a strong foundation for training, as well as more confidence in everyday life. It won’t surprise you to know that bone tissue is made almost entirely of collagen, and it is the natural slowing down of collagen production that leads to bone loss as we age.

Supports Muscle Mass Gain

Collagen is a protein, and we know that proteins are key to keeping muscle tissue strong. It is thought that 1-10% of muscle tissue is collagen. A collagen booster can help address the loss of muscle mass that would otherwise happen naturally as we get older. This means you can avoid the many downsides of losing muscle mass (lowered BMR, poorer body composition, loss of strength) and could in fact maintain or even continue to build muscle in later life.

A Healthier Heart

Collagen plays many roles in the body, but one very important role is in heart health. It helps maintain the structure of arteries, contributing to keeping them strong and robust. More collagen means stronger arteries, which may reduce risk of heart attack or stroke caused by narrowing of the arteries. We think it’s got to be worth a try.

CNP Plant is a range of plant-based supplements including our first of its kind collagen booster. Check out the whole range here.