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Fat Shredding Hacks


At this time of year, many of us are looking to trim down for the summer. There are several tips and tricks which can make this a quicker, easier and a more enjoyable process. The secret to a successful diet comes down to creating a regimen which you can consistently adhere to. For most this means being able to tick off the basics (eating in a calorie deficit, increasing activity) on a daily basis, before refining the details (macronutrient ratios and timings, supplements, etc). Basically, ranked in order of importance, for weight loss:

  1. Diet
  2. Training/cardio
  3. Supplements


Diet Hacks

It is commonly understood that being in a negative energy balance, which is to say we are burning more calories than we consume from food, is the key to decreasing body weight. There are no secret foods or dietary interventions which are inherently ‘the best’ for weight loss. The key is finding an approach which is sustainable for you. A few things which you may want to implement to make things easier are:

  1. Increased protein intake for more satiety and muscle retention while in a deficit. CNP Diet Whey contains 34g of the highest quality protein for ease hitting targets. See the CNP Protein Requirements blog post for more specific guidelines!
  1. High volume foods. These are foods which are low in calories for their serving size, such as cauliflower rice over basmati or egg whites over whole eggs. Sugar free syrups, jellies and salad bowls can also give the impression of meals being larger and more interesting than they are. Our diet whey contains 1000mg glucomannan, a fibre which increases the feeling of fullness. The combination of these steps can reduce the discomfort of upregulated hunger signals.
  2. Optimise meal frequency. This is very individual and something which you might want to play around with. One person might like to consume small 200-300 calorie meals throughout the day while dieting, while others may use a form of intermittent fasting to give themselves larger meals to look forward to. Both can be a way to manage hunger.
  3. Plan meals ahead of time to reduce food focus (time spent thinking about food) and prevent decisions being made in the moment when hungry. Meal prep is key.


Training/Cardio Hacks

Many people would be surprised how little calories they actually burn in a typical bodybuilding style weights session. This does not however have to mean endless hours being bored on the treadmill. Easy ways to get your calorie burn up are:

  1. Step tracking. Pedometers and fitness trackers are a motivation to walk more, set goals and identify days where you are more or less active, which in turn can affect your weigh in the following day/days.
  2. HIIT cardio. If long sessions of cardio aren’t your thing, HIIT training or sprints can be a great way to increase heart rate and burn as many calories as LISS in as little as 10 minutes or so. Make sure that your ‘on’ times are all out effort though! Hypertherm is perfect to take before one of these sessions.
  3. Increase volume in weights sessions. If your sets are usually 10 reps or less with long rest periods, you might want to add in some work which is more taxing on the cardiovascular system such as supersets or high rep drop sets and burn outs.


Supplement Hacks


Pro Hypertherm is a highly concentrated fat burner containing 200mg natural caffeine, 500mg bitter orange powder, 500mg carnipure and 500mg dandelion root alongside vitamins and minerals.

2 servings per day will give best results. Take one serving in the morning upon waking to boost energy and focus for the day ahead, and the second 15 minutes before training (unless training on an evening, in which case you may want to take it between lunch and mid-afternoon) for increased performance and more total calories burned in a session. This is particularly useful further into a diet when calories, especially from carbohydrates, are lower than usual and output begins to decline as a result.

For the most pronounced benefits, we would recommend adding Hypertherm in the later stages of a diet when progress has slowed or plateaued. Think of this as something to have up your sleeve when the going gets tough!

A stack of Hypertherm with Diet Whey is an excellent combination as the base of a cutting supplement programme.

Read of blog post on the Importance of Protein For Weight Loss for more key points.

Depending on your individual macronutrient and calorie goals, diet whey can be consumed as a shake, in protein pancakes, oats or smoothies as a healthy breakfast alongside your first serving of Hypertherm.

The next serving of diet whey should be shortly after finishing your workout, with Hypertherm taken beforehand.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Pro Hypertherm is a brilliant way to keep momentum going in your journey to getting leaner. When combined with a cardio and diet regime which you can stick to for the duration of the dieting phase, this supplement will ensure that you obtain the more impressive result possible, all while supporting your energy and performance along the way.

By Savannah Westerby