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CNP Tri-Series: Cognition

Whatever you are looking for in a pre-workout, CNP’s Tri-Series not only has the answer it will give you the most hard-hitting formula ever experienced for your goals.

Do you ever find choosing a pre-workout confusing? Or that they seem to work in some ways better than others like the stimulation may be good but there was zero pump, or the pump was great but it didn’t help with mental focus?

The CNP Tri-Series has been created to simplify and segregate the pre-workout market around three areas we feel make the biggest difference to your workout performance with three stand out products;


  • Stimulant Energy – IGNITION
  • The Pump – EXPANSION
  • Mental Focus (Nootropic) – COGNITION


We bring you three dedicated formulas, fully developed to deliver the best results within their category, while also allowing you to use them individually or stack them together for the ultimate pre-workout experience. 

Training late in an evening, want a great pump but sensitive to stimulants and want to avoid a restless sleep? Grab Expansion and Cognition.

Lifting in the gym and want an awesome pump with endless energy? Get Ignition and Expansion.

Want next-level focus for your session or even a fast-paced day at the office, we have you covered with Ignition and Cognition.

Stay tuned for our first launch this August!