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CNP Professional Informed Sport

CNP Professional Informed Sport

CNP Professional is pleased to announce our partnership with world leading athlete assurance programme Informed Sport. With a state of the art production facility on the outskirts of Manchester we are a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of sports nutrition supplements to professional athletes, teams and UK Special Forces; including Team Sky, British Cycling and a number of premiership football clubs. As the number one sports nutrition choice for so many professional teams and athletes we understand the extra level of confidence that professional sports persons require for their sports nutrition needs. After many years working directly with LGC laboratories to approve our products for use by hundreds of elite athletes and teams, we have now registered a number of our top selling products with LGC’s Informed Sport programme to make our batch tested products available to all CNP Professional customers.

What is Informed Sport?

Informed Sport is a quality assurance programme that certifies a sports nutrition product has been tested for banned substances by LGC, a world leading sports anti-doping laboratory. Products tested under the Informed Sport programme are approved for use by professional athletes and sports teams.

Which CNP Professional products are tested under Informed Sport programme?

Working closely with LGC, we have launched some of our top selling product lines under the Informed Sport programme.

  • Pro Peptide Athlete Certified
  • Pro Recover Athlete Certified
  • Pro Whey Athlete Certified
  • Pro MR Athlete Certified
  • Pro Hydrate Athlete Certified
  • Pro Flapjack
  • Pro Bar XS
  • Endurance Flapjack
  • Endurance Recovery Bar

How does the Informed Sport programme work?

When we manufacturer any product under the Informed Sport Programme, the batch is held in a specially designated area of our manufacturing facility while samples are sent to LGC labs for testing. Under the Informed Sports Programme each batch is tested for substances on the WADA Prohibited List, as well as lists from individual sporting organisations. Once approval and certification is received from LGC the product is released for sale. Each batch tested product is dispatched directly from CNP with Informed Sport certification included in the order.

Who should use Informed Sport registered products?

Informed Sport registered products should be used by an athlete or team who undergoes drug screening as part of their sport. British Armed Forces also require that all personnel use Informed Sports certified products.

How do I know whether a specific batch or product is Informed Sport Registered?

The full list of CNP Informed Sport registered products and batches can be found on the Informed Sport website

Further to this, all our registered products include the Informed Sport logo on pack, and when ordered though our website comes with Informed Sport certification.

Does this mean Informed Sports products are manufactured differently to other CNP products?

All CNP Professional formulas are manufactured in-house in our industry leading manufacturing facility. Each and every product is produced to the highest standards using the finest quality ingredients. The only difference between our standard range of products and our Athlete Certified range of products is the additional screening for banned substances. This is purely to provide elite athletes with the extra level of assurance they require, due to the testing that they undergo.