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CNP EAA ICE – Amino 9 & Ice Breeze Experience

Pro EAA Ice uses flavour note technology to taste cold from the first sip to the last drop

When you train regularly, there are plenty of things which will start to bug you. A missing dumbbell (so you can never find a matching pair). Guys who rest their phones on the only free bench. And – our biggest bugbear – lukewarm intra workout drinks.

We can’t do much about the bench-hoggers, but we’ve solved the headache of keeping your drink cold.

Get ready to discover a ground-breaking development in intra workouts… EAA Ice, which stays cold right through to the very last sip (even in the height of summer!)

Ice Breeze: the technology

Pro EAA Ice tastes cold and refreshing no matter how warm the air temperature gets. And this is nothing to do with how cold you keep your bottle. It actually comes from the ingredients. We use a blend of ingredients called Ice Breeze to produce the unique cool fruit flavour of EAA Ice. It’s pretty clever – you know how toothpaste, mouthwash, and some chewing gum tastes super cool and fresh? Ice Breeze takes that same menthol flavouring but breaks down the flavour notes so we can remove the minty taste, but keep the cooling feel. We replace the mint with our own fruity flavours to create a cooling mouth sensation with a fruity taste.

How does it work?

Like menthol, Ice Breeze brings a real cooling sensation to the drink. But because we have removed the mint flavour note, you won’t taste anything except the fruit flavour of the drink. Ice Breeze is a way to keep the cooling feel of mint without the actual mint flavour.

What makes EAA Ice different?

Essential amino acids are the fundamental building blocks of protein. These are the aminos our bodies can’t make, or get, from anywhere else. If you want to build new muscle tissue, and retain the muscle you’ve got, you must get enough EAAs from your diet. EAA Ice contains Amino9 (boosted with l-tryptophan and extra leucine), Sustamine (l-alanyl-l-glutamine), and l-histadine, l-isoleucine, l-lysine, l-methionine, l-phenylalanine, l-threonine, and l-valine.

Btu that’s not all. This exceptional intra-workout drink also contains valuable minerals and electrolytes from CocoMineral (trademarked coconut water powder), to help your body stay in balance during even the hottest, longest workouts.

Per 10g serving, EAA Ice gives you less than 1g carbs and just 3.6 calories – and 7000mg of Amino9 EAA blend.

What you’ll notice before all of that is the taste. EAA Ice is insanely refreshing, with a chilled raspberry lemonade flavour that stays really cold after you’ve mixed it.

Freshen up your workouts with our smartest intra-workout drink yet.