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CNP Breakfast Bowls by Andrew Rodgers


Big love from team CNP to bodybuilder Andrew Rodgers (Insta – @andrewrodgerspt) for these great breakfast bowl ideas. If you love Keto….. look away NOW! Each one uses a one or a combination of our CNP Pro Peptide and Pro Porridge, taking what is (and lets be honest) a moderate to high calorie cheat type meal and sharpening it up into something which is going to both aid recovery and build muscle.

With the Pro Peptide added into the mix you are getting a diverse multitude of protein sources, providing a variety of amino profiles and digestion rates. Fortified with Lactobacillus Acidophilus to improve both digestion and assimilation, basically you just turned protein synthesis up a notch, or ten!

Now lets talk energy and not just that from the obvious crumbled biscuits and cereal, I am talking quality energy. The pro Porridge provides low GI carbohydrates from oats coupled with 100% NRV of Vitamin B12 and Magnesium to facilitate energy metabolism. While also topping up your protein intake with more than 12g of MPC per 50g serving.

So, lash each recipe into a bowl, make it look Intagram worthy, take a photo and tag us to win a tub of the Pro Porridge and Peptide.

Lets make it a little SWEETER for you too, use code “BREAKFAST40” at checkout to get 40% off both Pro Peptide and Pro Porridge so you can get creative with your own recipes! If there was ever a time to try the Jaffa Cake, Apple Crumble and Cherry Bakewell Pro Peptide it’s now!


Caramel Banana Bowl

100g of CNP Pro Porridge (unflavoured or chocolate, with water or almond milk)

1 x scoop of CNP Pro Peptide Choc Caramel Brownie

Handful of crumbled Lotus Biscoff biscuits

Chunks of Ritters Sport Milk Chocolate

1 x diced banana


Krave Cereal Gainz

2 x scoops of CNP Pro Peptide Banana

1 x cup of Krave Choco Roulettes

1 x cup of Chocolate Shreddies

330ml of Almond milk


Pro Pop-Tarts

100g of CNP Pro Porridge unflavoured (with water or almond milk)

2 x s’mores Pop Tarts

1 x Scoop CNP Pro Peptide Vanilla

1 x large dollop of marshmallow fluff


Reeses Recovery Bowl

120g of CNP Pro Porridge (Unflavoured or chocolate)

330ml Almond milk

3 x scoops of Pro Peptide Choc Caramel Brownie

1 x broken up Reeses Nut Bar

5g Sweet Freedom Choc Shot