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9 Ways To Stay On Track Over The Festive Period (Without Being The Grinch!)

  Christmas doesn’t have to mean weight gain. It starts with your advent calendar chocolates, and ends with… well, where does it end? The festive period can be one long whirlwind of meals, snacks, drinks, and bizarre food choices (mince pies for breakfast, anyone?) If you don’t want to look like Santa by the time January rolls around, it’s time to put some measures in place. Now. Can you enjoy the festive period without sacrificing your health and fitness goals? We think so. And this is how to do it.... Read More


Post-Workout Carbs: How To Get It Right

Do carbohydrates matter right after a workout? Here’s the what, when, and how much of the PWO carb debate.  You already know it’s important to get some protein in after a workout. After all, the King of Macros (that’s protein, to you) helps boost recovery and speed up the muscle-gain journey. But should you post-workout meal or snack contain carbohydrates, too? Or is a scoop of Pro Peptide in a shaker sufficient?  More and more athletes are turning to fast-acting carbs directly after training. Here’s why – and why you should consider... Read More